Using EPDs and Indexes to Produce More Profitable Feedlot Cattle
IGS in Manhattan, KS
Vaccination Protocols and Best Management Practices in Beef Cattle
Veterinary Feed Directive
What I Learned From Pigs: Marty Ropp
Improving Profit Via Genetics: Dr. Wade Shafer
From Phenotypes to EPDs The Genetic Model
IGS Cattlemen's Seminar BIF 2016 : Bruce Golden
Effects of Implants and Additives. Dr. Doug Hufstedler
Understanding Slides, Shrink & Overall Marketing of Feeder Cattle vs Retained Ownership



SimGenetics Promo Videos

Triangle H
Joe Davis
Cow Camp Feedyard
Lovvorn Family Farms
Baxley Farms
American Rancher
American Rancher
ASA Programs and Staff 2017

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