Our website usability survey asks a range of questions from how you like the simmental.org content to what you think about the organization and navigation of the website. This will help us improve our website for use by our members and other visitors. Please fill out the following form and if questions are not applicable, feel free to leave them blank.

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How often do you visit the simmental.org website?

Is the ASA and ASA Publication contact information easy to find on simmental.org?

SEARCH FUNCTION (Tool used to search for information on the website)

How would you rate the search function on simmental.org?

Comments about the search function. Possible items to include: Did you find what you were searching for? Did the search return the number of results you expected? Did you use the extended search to filter the number of results?


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If you were looking for specific information, were you able to find it?


Can you find the Register Magazine Archive? Did you find it in a reasonable amount of time? Please explain.

Can you find Total Herd Enrollment Registration Requirements?
Did you use the navigation menu to find it? Did you use the search? Did you find it easily or was it difficult? Please comment

Can you find the ASA Bylaws

Explain whether you had trouble or if it was easy to find.

Additional comments pertaining to navigation. Is there information that is difficult to find?

How would you rate each of the following tools/features in terms of importance for the simmental.org website:

Industry News and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Sales

Simmental State Association News

Promotional Videos

Educational Videos

Aesthetics: Color, Graphics and Fonts:

Is the color combination appropriate?

If not, what would you change it to and why?

Are there enough pictures? If you would prefer more what sort of pictures would you like? If less, which would you remove? Please comment.

Is the text difficult to read?

Should the text be in a different color/size/font? Other comments?

Please rate the simmental.org website based on the following:

Accessibility of information

Appearance of the website

Website Content

Organization of Content

Do you have any other suggestions about improving the content and organization of this site?

Overall satisfaction with the website

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