Discontinued MBV Reports

28 November 2017
Those of you who have submitted DNA samples for EPD incorporation have been receiving reports with your animals' EPDs before and after incorporation (MBV reports) for the last several years.  We have now discontinued MBV reports. 
The major reason for ceasing the reports is that, as we make our transition to high frequency (e.g., weekly) runs with our new genetic evaluation software (BOLT), these reports will no longer be relevant.  Because we will be adding all the new phenotypes and genotypes that have been submitted since the prior week, the changes between runs will be due to a myriad of reasons (e.g., new phenotypes on an animal or related animals, new DNA on an animal or related animals, etc.), rather than change being limited to DNA results on the animal.  Because of this, it won't be unusual for animals that have not had information submitted directly on them to change.   
For those of you who are interested in comparing the before and after EPDs for animals you submit DNA on, we suggest that you save your animals' EPDs prior to DNA submission.  This can be done by logging onto your Herdbook account and 1) clicking the "Herd Mgmt" tab, 2) selecting the group you would like EPDs on, 3) clicking on the "EPD Report" tab and 4) hitting the "Generate Report" tab.  This procedure will generate a spreadsheet of EPDs that you can download and save for comparing old with new EPDs.  Another option for obtaining animals' EPDs prior to blending is to email ASA's DNA department with the request.