eBEEF partners with National Cattlemen's Beef Association to present a series of webinars.

15 March 2018
April 19, 2018  "Putting the Tools to Use: Buying Your Next Bull "- NCBA Cattlemen's Webinar Series at  7 p.m. Central Time.   
The fourth and final webinar in the genetics webinar series puts all of the genetic concepts covered in the first three seminars to work as attendees go to a virtual bull sale and select the best bull from a sale catalog for two distinct production scenarios. Participants will receive a sale catalog via email and must decide which bull to purchase for each scenario, and then compare results with all of the other participants on the webinar. Leading the discussion will be Matt Spangler, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Extension Beef Genetics Specialist at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and Bob Weaber, Ph.D., Professor and Beef Extension Specialist, at Kansas State University, and the entire eBEEF team will join in the discussion.
Recordings available:
    Dr. Matt Spangler