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Only the four major shows involved in the national show rotation

are eligible for the


Shows include:  

2017 American Royal

2017 North American

2018 National Western

2018 Fort Worth Stock Show

Award Divisions:

• Purebred Simmental Heifer of the Year

• Purebred Simmental Bull of the Year

• Percentage Simmental Heifer of the Year

• Percentage Simmental Bull of the Year

Visit: to print information.




A record 218 people attended the fourth annual American Simmental Association (ASA) "Select for Success" Fall Focus educational symposium that was held in Bismarck, ND, September 17-21. 
ASA  Fall Focus 2017  Willie Altenburg
ASA Fall Focus 2017 Willie Altenburg
The event featured an educational session, where several industry professionals and scientists spoke about subjects focused around beef cattle breeding. The North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner, Doug Goehring, provided a welcome address, and North Dakota Governor, Doug Burgum, spoke at the lunch on Monday.

The educational speakers included the following: Dr. Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University (NDSU), who gave an overview of the state's agricultural industry; Dr. Lauren Hanna, NDSU, who explained the basics of animal breeding and genetic selection; Dr. Rick Funston, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (UNL), who spoke about increasing productive efficiency in cattle; Dr. Matt Spangler, UNL, who spoke to how genetic advancements can be used to create an ideal system for beef cattle breeding; and Dr. Mitch Abrahamsen, past Vice President of Research and Development at Cobb-Vantress, spoke about the poultry industry, highlighting the rapid genetic advancement the industry has seen, and how beef cattle breeders can apply those principles to keep up with a growing population. A panel of breeders spoke to using economic selection indexes to aid in genetic selection for profitability in beef cattle.  ASA staff provided project updates, including progress on the feeder profit calculator, cow herd DNA roundup, the genetic evaluation using BOLT, state association programs, and more. Videos of the educational presentations can be viewed at .

The 2018 Fall Focus will be held at the ASA National Headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, August 25th through 27th. The event will include a 50 year celebration, educational day, and interactive meetings.

Effective immediately         |          

Due to the increased labor involved at the lab, GeneSeek has increased the processing fee for hair by $2.00 per sample.  Breeders will be charged $5.00 for hair cards instead of $3.00.  

$20 Genomic test including parentage     |     |

You've come to expect ASA to leverage all its resources to provide the industry with the best prices and most robust science.  The Cowherd DNA Roundup is a perfect example of a breed association that works for you.  
Breeders who submit a DNA sample on their entire cowherd can get genomically enhanced EPDs and parentage for $20/test.  Like how that sounds?  There's more!  Breeders who submit cow weights with either body conditions scores or hip heights get an additional $5 off per test - an amazing price of $15/sample.

This project marks a major investment from the ASA towards research and development.  The $15 test is only available for the first 15,000 samples with phenotypes submitted.  There is no estimate of when the results will be available on samples submitted.  Donor cows and bulls do not qualify.  No additional DNA tests are available with this offer.

Leoma Wells, ASA's DNA and Total Herd Enrollment (THE) Specialist, will transition from DNA Services to ASA's point person for the Cowherd DNA Roundup project. When asked about the transition, Wells says, "I am excited and grateful to be a part of this revolutionary project. It combines two of my favorite areas, DNA and data collection on females. The wheels are turning and I absolutely can't wait to get started and smash the goals we have set."  In September, ASA will welcome Carolyn Wild to the DNA department to help with the daily DNA services.  

Contact Leoma Wells or Jackie Atkins for more information 406-587-4531.

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