American Simmental Association

W/C United 956Y
ASA # 2614725
·His first crop got noticed wherever he was used.
·Will add growth, mass, and dimension as well as any in one generation.
·Being used heavily by some of the top breeders across the US.
·Comes from a productive dam with a perfect udder and ideal feet and legs.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

Kech/4E Bankroll Z303
ASA # 2654966

·KECH/4E Bankroll Z303 comes as Broker’s best son to date. He breaks all the rules when it comes to Purebred Simmental cattle and is unequaled in his type and kind.

·This bull is powerfully constructed from the ground up, fluid in his movement, attractive headed, perfect in his hip, tail head, and hind one third with that incredible overall look we have come to expect from his sire.

Semen $/unit: 40Details

TJ Omaha 378A
ASA # 2773822
·Massive power, traveling on a huge, sound, perfectly shaped hoof.
·From the same dam that produced the high-performance ABS sire, Sharper Image.
·Unbelievable individual performance ratios from a large contemporary group: BW: 100, WW: 132, YW: 126, IMF: 122, REA: 111.
·The bull that can change the numbers in show cattle and change the look in performance cattle — need to change your play, make the call, OMAHA!

Semen $/unit: $20Details

W/C Bullseye 3046A
ASA # 2790164

·Top seller from the 2014 Werning Sale.
·Outstanding individual performance and Scan Data: BW: 84 ET • Adj 205: 846 • Adj 365: 1,405 • ADG: 4.18 Scrotal: 42 cm • Adj %IMF: 4.19 • BF: .30 • Adj REA: 16.92

Semen $/unit: $150Details

Hooks Admiral 33A
ASA # 2716194
·The standout selection from the 2014 Hook Farms Sale.
·Huge middle, wide base, powerhouse with an enviable BW to YW spread of -1.2 to +139.
·Tom Hooks sale catalog comment says it all, “Admiral’s gentle disposition, soft structure, and sound hoof quality complement his premier genetic balance. Soggy and sound best describes this Protégé sired standout.”
·Hook Farms top producing cow, Patti 3P, does it again.

Semen $/unit: $20Details

W/C Wide Track 649Y
ASA # 2588250
·As outcross as outcross can be.
·First calves were among the top wherever he was used in his first year.
·Excellent choice to add hip, muscle and stoutness resulting in top growth.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

W/C Paleface 756X
ASA # 2562543
·A frame size reducer with massive muscle and rib shape, Paleface does a great job of producing a power look in a smaller frame size package.
·Biggest, best shaped foot you will find on a Purebred Simmental bull anywhere.
·Very high maternal, coming from a high producing cow family.
·Producing sound, big scrotal, heavy muscle sons that are in high demand by commercial cattlemen.

Semen $/unit: $20Details

OBCC Park Ave M91X
ASA # 2570166
·Park Ave. is backed by an incredible cow family, the Owens’ Wicked Sister cow.
·He is big-bodied, perfect structure, smooth, with a huge foot.
·The calves out of him are quite impressive with small birth weights and a great disposition.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

GIBBS 0689X Crimson Tide
ASA # 2602503
·Siring the “LOOK” and the “NUMBERS”, use Crimson Tide to produce show cattle with a striking look, great EPDs, and high index values.
·Unique combination of high growth, milk, and carcass.
·Out of a high producing, outcross pedigree cow family.
·Sired the high-selling percentage bull in a very strong Gibbs Farms 2013 Sale where sons and daughters were in high demand.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

TNGL Grand Fortune Z467
ASA # 2654876
·2014 Denver Champion Bull.
·Functional and sound.
·Grand Fortunes first calves just arrived and are very exciting!

Semen $/unit: $50Details

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