American Simmental Association

Bar CK Tebow 1006X
ASA # 2614607
·The highest profit ($API) SimAngusTM bull!
·186 first-calf heifers had 186 live calves at Tree Top Ranch, and they were the heaviest weaning sire group on a 6,500 head cow herd.
·Tebow sons averaged $6,250 at the 2014 Bar CK Sale.
·Highest EPD accuracies for any $200+ $API sire.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

Wheatland Mr. Bojangles 97X
ASA # 2596059

·A bull that has style but doesn’t sacrifice performance.
·First calves are stout, deep bodied and hairy — and are coming easy!
·First daughters in production are great cows with awesome udders!



Semen $/unit: $30Details

White Star Granite Z59
ASA # 2650167
·First calves are exceeding expectations.
·Proven as a calving ease choice
·Progeny have a powerful phenotype.
·Use for the best of both worlds — Club calf or Breeding cattle.
·Order your semen today to make your herd Rock Solid with Granite.

Semen $/unit: $100Details

Yardley High Regard W242
ASA # 2522822

·Excellent choice for any breeder looking to improve phenotype in all ways.
·Ideal mating for Dream On daughters, and an outcross to most pedigrees today.
·His first 16 sons averaged $6,203 and his first daughter sold for $30,000 and went on to be calf Champion at the NAILE.
·He was the top performing bull out of our entire sale offering of 200 head. He put this all together in a moderate frame score packaged.

Semen $/unit: $40Details

ALL/FHG First Ascent 117Y
ASA # 2615866
·Soundest made, softest pasterned Upgrade son available, all with an enhanced scrotal and a large foot.
·Square-hipped and big-bodied, yet still clean-necked and balanced.
·Backed by the powerful 2004 North American Reserve Grand female - Oval F Nicolette N443.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

CLRS Archie 136A
ASA # 2735700
·Explosive rib shape.
·Smooth jointed, heavy muscled.
·Awesome EPD profile.
·#1 WW @ 780 lbs., #1 YW @ 1,438 lbs.
·Yearling Scrotal: 41 cm

Semen $/unit: $30Details

CCR Santa Fe 9349Z
ASA # 2720494
·Santa Fe has excellent calving ease potential with that heifer bull look.
·High maternal numbers backed by astrong cow family.
·A wide-tracking bull with great phenotype.
·Adj. WW: 842 lbs. Adj. YW: 1,272 lbs.
·Super disposition.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

Drake Game Changer U9X
ASA # 2565606
·Game Changer is moderate framed, powerful package with a change-of-pace pedigree.
·Game Changer transmits a fancy front third to his offspring along with neat rib shape and middle. Nice haired to boot!
·Game Changer is very well worth the try!

Semen $/unit: $25Details

TNT Brick House Z264
ASA # 2709161
. Outcross Red Genetics.
·An extremely well structured bull.
·Big bodied, thick topped.
·Explosive muscle pattern.
·WW: 797 lbs., YW: 1,499 lbs.
·Yearling Scrotal: 39 cm

Semen $/unit: $30Details

SVS Captain Morgan 11Z
ASA # 2709087

·It is an honor to introduce the record selling Simmental bull into our herdsire line-up. Captain Morgan has ignited our breed, demanding $190,000 at the Sunny Valley Simmentals sale.

·He easily checks all of the criteria to create a near perfect breeding specimen.

·Backed by an incredible cow family, his flushmate sisters are impeccable.

Semen $/unit: 150/strawDetails

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