American Simmental Association

TNGL Grand Fortune Z467
ASA # 2654876
·2014 Denver Champion Bull.
·Functional and sound.
·Grand Fortunes first calves just arrived and are very exciting!

Semen $/unit: $50Details

PRR Pilgrim 008X
ASA # 2586450
PRR Pilgrim 008X is a young, proven Pine Ridge Ranch, multi generational, high-quality Simbrah bull.

Semen $/unit: $35/strawDetails

CCR Pathway 935Y
ASA # 2706716
·Purebred Simmental calving ease prospect with a little different pedigree.
·Individual performance well above contemporary group average for every measured performance and ultrasound scan trait.
·High producing cow family with strong progeny performance four generations deep.
·Breed-leading index values in a very sound structured and attractive package.

Semen $/unit: $20Details

SA XFactor X11
ASA # 2586002
·Polled/Scurred Full Fleck
·Solid dark cherry,moderate size, very small white spot on forehead and short socks on back legs.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

PRR Rito 545W
ASA # 2513491

PRR Rito 545W is a powerful, polled, high quality Simbrah bull with efficient growth and muscularity.




Semen $/unit: $35 /strawDetails

GIBBS 0617C HY Ultrasound
ASA # 2598594
·Off the charts growth and marbling SimAngusTM, ranking in the extreme top 1% of the breed for YW, Marb and $TI. ·He is solid black, but over half his progeny has been born blaze-face out of solid black cows, the blaze-face coming through from his dam. ·Sired the two high-selling fall yearling heifers in the Gibbs Farms 2013 Sale. ·A Predestined son that has tested free of all known genetic defects.

Semen $/unit: $15Details

SA Classy Crackers W3
ASA # 2627532
·Smooth Polled Full Fleck
·Easy going, easy keeping, dark cherry,double goggled.
·Works well on full flecks and on purebreds.

Semen $/unit: 30Details

GCCR Easy Answer Y108
ASA # 2622776
·First calves verify he’s a Calving Ease Sire safe to use on heifers.
·Top 2% for Marbling, $API and $TI;
Top 10% for Doc and REA;
Top 15% for CE, BW, WW, MCE.
·Phenotypically impressive with a super quiet disposition.
·Outcross pedigree — safe to breed to almost any Purebred or SimAngus™ cow.
·Adj. BW: 78 lbs.
Adj. WW: 828 lbs.
Adj. YW: 1,289 lbs.
365-Day Scrotal: 42 cm
365-day Frame Score: 6.0

Semen $/unit: $25Details

GW Premier 734Y
ASA # 2606048
·Top 1% of breed for Calving Ease, Docility and All Purpose Index ($API).
·Big foot, exceptional structural soundness and super look.
·Premier would be an excellent choice for large heifer
breeding projects and his semen is available very economical through the ORIgen volume discount program . . . call today and include Premier in your spring heifer breeding plans!

Semen $/unit: $15Details

CCR Wide Range 9005A
ASA # 2725666

·Standout and high-selling bull from the 2014 Cow Camp Ranch Sale.
·His dam boosted the sale average with eight sons by three different sires averaging $10,280.
·His name, Wide Range, says it all — offering a wide range of breeding options for heifers and cows everywhere.
·Use him on purebreds to make purebreds, on ½-bloods to make 5/8 SM and on Angus females to make tremendous, soft, moderate SimAngusTM.
·Unlimited mating possibilities, tremendous phenotype and strong performance all merge in this exciting genetic gem.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

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