American Simmental Association

HPF Quantum Leap Z952
ASA # 2649657
·2014 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion in Fort Worth.
·2014 Grand Champion National Simmental ShowHeterozygous Black
·Homozygous Polled

Semen $/unit: $2,000/packageDetails

Hook's Yellowstone 97Y
ASA # 2612546
·Purebred Simmental Bull the industry has been searching for with the total package: Calving Ease, Growth, Maternal and Carcass.
·Calves are born easily, yet have more bone, substance and performance than typical calving ease sires.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

WBF Rest Easy U085
ASA # 2472430
·Consistent calving ease, calves are lively and vigorous at birth.
·Sires moderate frames, easy fleshing,well-muscled cattle.
·One of our most consistent sire groups. Spring 2014

Semen $/unit: $25Details

TJ Power Grid Grid 363Y
ASA # 2630928
·He will sire cattle that have moderate birth weight, excellent early growth, very high post weaning gains, and outstanding IMF first set of bulls averaged 128 ratio for IMF.
·The dispositions of the cattle are quite easy to work and handle.
·The seven Power Grid sons that sold in 2014 Dakota Xpress Sale averaged $6,286

Semen $/unit: $50Details

LRS Turning Point 3117A
ASA # 2729936
·REA: 16.12 Ratio: 113 n IMF: 3.51 Ratio: 129 n BF: .28
·BW: 92 lbs. WW: 756 lbs. Adj. YW: 1,415 lbs.
·Turning Point is an outcross pedigree and is a Dream On free.
·This bull is powerfully constructed and easy on the eye, not only is he phenotypically good his numbers are OUTSTANDING.

Semen $/unit: 20 units/$2,000 Additional semen $30/unitDetails

IR Range Boss Y623
ASA # 2648991
·Range Boss was a standout in his contemporary group at Irvine Ranch where he went on to top the 2012 sale.
·He has the potential to combine calving ease and muscle like no other bull in the breed.
·A perfect bull to use on percentage females or purebreds.
·Range Boss offers an outcross pedigree to Legacy and Dream On.
·Dam is a prolific donor at Irvine Ranch, with sons averaging over $5,000 in the 2012 sale.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

Mr. Strack Y254
ASA # 2610592
·We are proud to introduce Mr Strack Y254, our new Purebred Simbrah Herdsire. To achieve our goal of producing the right kind of cattle, we have chosen Y254 to lead our program.
·Homozygous Polled and Heterozygous Black, his first calves have all come solid colored red and black. Many of these calves are from first calf heifers and all have been born unassisted.

Semen $/unit: $30Details

W/C Last Call 206A
ASA # 2785178
·Big Time Red SimAngusTM!
·Outstanding physical presence with an abundance of mass, muscle, and dimension.
·Ranked 5th of 97 for weaning weight, and 9th of 69 for REA.
·Being sampled by some top breeders in 2014.

Semen $/unit: $40Details

OLF Otis Y43
ASA # 2613322
·Unbelievable set of numbers across the board.
·Top 1% for Calving Ease, Top 5% for Birth Weight.
·Top 2% for Weaning, Top 1% for Yearling.
·Top 1% for Maternal Calving Ease, Top 5% for Maternal Weaning.
·Use Otis to improve overall marketability.
·Outstanding $API number of 153.4.

Semen $/unit: $25/strawDetails

GIBBS 2654Z Bullet Proof
ASA # 2723103
·The very popular, high-selling bull from the 2013 Gibbs Farms Sale, he was admired by good cattlemen from every sector of the industry.
· Enormous dimension of body in a smaller frame size, traveling with such softness is nearly impossible to find in a Purebred Simmental bull.
·Bullet Proof truly is that unique Purebred Simmental sire the industry has been looking for, the one that needs to be bred to a lot of cows.
·An embryo flush labeling mistake prolonged his promotion a few months, but now has been resolved with 100% DNA parentage confirmation for him and his flush mates.

Semen $/unit: $25Details

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