51st Annual Meeting, Denver Colorado

27 January 2019

The 51st Annual Meeting was held at the DoubleTree Hotel, Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, January 19, 2019.  Highlights of the past year’s board and committees’ work were presented along with two new options this year.

The Annual Meeting was broadcast live for members who were unable to attend.  This option will be available every year.  You’ll need to register in order to attend.  Notices will be sent to every adult, active member on their Call to the Meeting, and in December and January (through eNews) with a link to register.  The Annual Meeting was also recorded and posted for your review.

One amendment to the Rules and Bylaws was approved during the annual meeting.  There are now 30 letters, numbers and/or spaces (also includes prefixes and dashes or slashes) to be used for the name of an animal. 

This was the first time members were able to vote electronically through Herdbook Services!  More members participate in voting for this rule change than we have had in years voting for trustee open positions or a rule change.  Many members have responded to the ease this provided to vote electronically.  One of the board’s missions is to have more members participate in the Trustee elections and for any rule or bylaw change.


2019 January Board of Trustees’ Meeting, Denver Colorado.

The 2018 Board of Trustees started their year with an intensive strategic planning session in Denver last January.  This January they continued with this commitment preparing for not only 2019 but into the future as well.   The Trustees spent an extra day in Denver for committee meetings prior to their January Board Meeting.

Here are highlights – watch for more details as these programs and projects progress.

  1. Commitment to ASA’s Mission Statement and Core Policies.  Here is the link to access.
  2. Financial Review. ASA’s commitment to sound financial practices.  ASA is in a financial position to support and expand ASA’s leadership in the industry and support programs and projects which will bring value to ASA members’ customers.
  3. ASA Publication – remains strong with its commitment to promote and distribute ASA’s messages to the industry and members.
  4. American Simmental~Simbrah Foundation. Continues to grow and support more programs and projects each year.  2019 is starting off even more successful than last year with the events in Denver raising $111,145.  All contributors are able to designate where the funds should be used.
  5. 2019 Regional and National Classic Rules have been approved and will be posted on the website. Excitement is building for these events!
  6. Cow Herd Roundup (CHR) Program. The initial phase of this program is wrapping up. Watch for more information in the near future if we have not met the 50,000 sample goal.  This program is designed to promote whole-herd DNA testing. An option to receive an additional cost reduction ($5) with specific data reported on at least 90% of their herd (cow weights with either body condition scores or hip heights).
  7. Carcass Expansion Program. The budgeted amount has expanded for this fiscal year and the board has made commitments to continue this program for the next 5 years.  This program is designed to benefit all members through increasing carcass accuracy across the breed and make genomic tests more impactful.
  8. GGPLD rebate. Guidelines have changed for this program.  ASA will maintain a genomic incentive program for individual feed intake records.  This DNA genotyping incentive will only apply when the DNA test is completed on the same animal as the feed intake record.
  9. Steer Profitability Contest – in its second season has 25 juniors (9 states) participating in this program.
  10. PTP Herdsman Award – program brought back in 2018 and will continue in 2019 and future years. This award is given to an individual who supports and promotes the SimGenetics industry on a personal and professional level while gently commanding the respect and upholds the honor and dignity of respectable cattlemen.  Recipients are selected by their peers through an electronic voting process and honored prior to the selection of the Champion Simmental Female at the National Show.
  11. ASA Lifetime Promoter Award – inaugural year. This award will recognize individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the development of the Simmental/Simbrah breeds.
  12. Regional and National Classic – Calvin Drake Genetic Evaluation Quiz. The ASA and AJSA Board have named the genetic evaluation quiz to the Calvin Drake Genetic Evaluation quiz in honor of Mr. Drake who was a strong supporter of breed improvement, research and science.
  13. Cost Share Program – two additional items will be added to receive reimbursement to states who advertise and promote the Simmental/Simbrah breeds. Inserts and editorial.  The inserts and/or editorial must follow the general guidelines (percentage of general promotion of the breed, does not promote a sale) and must be pre-approved prior to placement.
  14. Advertising and Promotion. ASA will seek outside professional services to assist in developing a full-range, multiple venues/options, long-term campaign for the promotion and marketing of SimGenetics.
  15. Recording phone conversations. Processing and DNA Services phone calls will be recorded starting February 2019.  This will assist in management/consistent messaging of phone calls and for training purposes.
  16. Junior membership and annual services fees reduced. Starting July 1, 2019, a new junior membership and junior annual service fees are reduced to $40/per membership.
  17. Registration certificates: all current color, polled and genomic EPD test information that is listed on the website will now print on the registration certificate.
  18. Simbrah Summit 2019. Planning will start for this year’s Simbrah Summit.


ASA Board of Trustees and Staff are committed to working in the best interest of all ASA members and invite you to become/stay involved!  The April Board Meeting is scheduled for April 24 – 28 in Bozeman, Montana and the Fall Board Meeting is scheduled for August 23 – August 27 in Manhattan, Kansas.  Kansas Simmental Association has events plannied for Friday, August 23; Fall Focus is on Saturday, August 24; committee meetings on August 25 and the board meeting continues August 26 – 27 (concluding the morning of the 27th).  We hope you will join us.