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Black Purebred Simmental

Red Purebred Simmental

Black SimAngusTM


3C Southbound W9350
CCR Sure Fire 5028Y
Dikemans Double Down 26W
Fitz POL Boxcar S208
Flying B Cut Above 755S "Fat Butt"
Gibbs Crimson Tide 0689X
GLS Yahoo Y106
GLS New Direction X184
GW Game Changer 823Y
K-Ler Make It Rain 696S
K-Ler Young Money 177Y
Kappes Ironman W619
KS Black Diamond W992
Long's Shear Envy Y34
M2C Conan 12X
Nichols Manifest T79
OBCC GCC Brush Creek C47X
PRS Blazin Hot W192
RCR Stetson T17
SS Fast Track M719
SS Upscale X25
STF Smokin Hot 451Y
SVF/NJC Fully Loaded X113
SVF/NJC Built Right N48
Tess Black Rampage 71W
TNC Black Balboa W29
TNC Cowboy Up X23
TNT E-Z-3 X360
Tripple C Bettis S72J
W/C Catchin A Dream
W/C Paleface 746X
W/C Wide Track 694Y
WAGR Dream Catcher 03R
Wheatland Mr. Bojangles 97X
WLE Swagger Y770
Yardley High Regard W242

CDI Sky King 189Y
Ellingson Klondike Y123
Long's Steel Shot X21
MLC Mr. Beefmaker X263
TRAXS Rushmore X103

BF Mr. Confidence 27X
Felt Rodman 379Y
Ford Farms Star Studded 089U
Gibbs 0617XHY Ultrasound
GW Predestined 701T
GW-WBF Substance 820Y
Long's Shear Pleasure W6
OMF Commander Y69
OMF Full Tilt Y33
R&R Chamberlain X744
S D S Alumni 115X
SVF/HTP Checkmark Y101
TNT Finale W241
W/C United 956Y

Shiefelbein Effective 61