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Dec/Jan 2016

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November 2015

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October 2015

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September 2015

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In this issue:

Regional Classic Results

Texas Hosts National Classic

How a Dream Became Reality


July/August 2015

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Investing in the Next Generation

The Future of Feed Efficient Cattle


May-June 2015

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April 2015

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Partenrs in Performance

Bull Selection

Fiesta! Time


March    2015

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An exciting ride

2015 ASA Annual Meeting

2015 National Western

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February 2015

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Efficiency in Marketing

Balancing Visual with Breeding Values

Six Elected to Board



December 2014/January 2015

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2015 Golden book Winners

Intrigued by the Science

A Discussion with Dulcie

The New DNA Test Option



November 2014

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Students to Simmentals

Applied Reproductive Strategies

Symposium Draws Crowd

Right Man at the Right Time


October 2014

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Catering to the Commercial Cattleman

How DNA Testing Will Affect EPDs

Wilson Report on YCC Tour

Merit Award Winner



September 2014

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Deep Roots

Shafer Honored by BIF

Complete Classic Results

July/August 2014

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Breeder of the Year

TraitTrac Adjustments

DNA an Additional Tool

ASA Denies Patent Charge

May/June 2014

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All About Relationships

Conversing with the Chairman

Deciphering Defects

An Intern's Story

April 2014

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Genetic Trends 1993-2013

Ranching at High Altitude

National Classic Preview

March 2014

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The Business of Bull Development

Preparing for the Breeding Season

2014 ASA Annual Meeting

2014 National Western


February 2014

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What in TarrNation?

Using Genomics in Genetic Evalaution

DNA Marker Patents Invalidated

Six Elected to Board

December 2013/January 2014

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2014 Golden Book Recipients

Bulls, Belles and Beef - Dawson Family

Foundation Auction

Cow Herd Nutrition

November 2013

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Grass to Grid

Genetic Conditions, Part II

Lipsey, Nichols Honored

ASA Representatives

October 2013

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Urban Cattle Ranchers

Dealing with Genetic Conditions

State Help Incentive - Laden

September 2013

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Steadfast for Simmental

PTP Shows, Part IV

Complete Classic Results

Merit Award Winners

Adventures in the Air

Young Cattlemen's Conference



July/August 2013

Featured Article:   True to Her Roots - Lisa Zirkle

PTP Shows, Part III
Changing of the Guard
SNESA, A Simmental Family



May/June 2013

Featured Article: It Has to Make Economic Sense - Tom and Elene Murry

PTP Shows Contriute to our Success Part II- Jerry Lipsey

The Chairman's Comments - Jessie Driggers, Chairman, by Dan Rieder

Viewpoint with Scott Cowger and Luke Keller

CMP - Mike Alley

Houston Show 2013

Fleckvieh Forum

Back to Basics - Transfers

AJSA Action - Mollee Brown



April 2013

Featured Article -  Multi-State Marketing
Ryna and Maureen Mai

PTP Shows Contribute to our Success
Nebraska Bound for the Simmental Showdown
Simmental Cululative Sale Averages 1981' - 2012'
Back to Basics- What's in a Code?
CMP- Will Townsend
View Point - Brian DeFreese
AJSA Action - Dulcie Fields


March 2013

Featured Article - Following the Science

Rincker Family~ Curt, Pam, Brent and Cari

National Western Sale Results
Most Used Bulls
ASA's Largest Breeders 2012
Back to Basics - Staff
Foundation Auction Report
Viewpoint - Trustee Jim Butcher
Putting It All Into Perspective - Hannah Wine
AJSA Action - Britney Beins



February 2013 Can We Blend Shows and ERTs? - Scott P. Greiner 
The Little Farm that Could - Dan Rieder 
When the Star Align - Dan Rieder 
Three Elected the Board
2012 NAILE Results
Back to Basics-  Leoma Wells and Jannine Story 
ViewPoint - Bob  Lanting 
Carcass Merit Program - Will Townsend



December 2012 - January 2013 50k Testing for SimGeneti-Enhanced EPDs
American Royal 2012
Carcass Merit Program - Will Townsend
Golden Book Award Recipients
Back to Basics - Getting the Most Value Out of Other Breeds -  Story, Wells
Koty's Comments - Dan Rieder
Counterpoint - Wade Shafer, Willie Altenburg



November 2012

Marker Assisted EPD - Matt Spangler 
Living the Dream
- Dan Rieder
Tennessee Tech Leads the Way - Alyssaa Fee and Montgomery Dempsey
CMP Showcase - Will Townsend
Foundation Honor Roll
Back to Basics: Spring Inventory - Leoma Wells
The Adventures of the AJSA - Hannah Wine
AJSA Action - Tyler Mackey




October 2012

The Future is Here - Dr. Wade Shafer
DNA Q & A - Back to Basics, Leoma Wells
CMP Showcase - Will Townsend
Steward of the Land - Dan Rieder
Steve McDonnell, Pioneer Breeder Passes
Viewpoint - Blake Nelson
AJSA Action - Cody Allen



September 2012

Great Learning Experience Part II - Dan Ulmanis
Marty Ropp Reports on YCC Experience - Marty Ropp
Fleckvieh Forum
AJSA Merit Award Winners
ViewPoint - Dale Miller, Trustee

National Classic Contest Results 2012
National Classic Show Results 2012

Eastern Regional Results 2012
Western Regional Results 2012
South Central Regional Results 2012
North Central Regional Results 2012




July/August 2012

A Pleasure Doing Business - Will Townsend
May the Force Be With Us - Dr. Jerry Lipsey
Basically in the Cow Business - Dan Rieder
Fleckvieh Forum - Fred Schuetze
Let Us Take the Work Out of Your Upcoming Sales - Nancy Chesterfield
CMP - Will Townsend
Sale Results
Viewpoint - Jimmy Holliman, Ed Creason
AJSA Action - Shannon White
The Circuit



May /June 2012

May the Force be with Us - Dr. J. Lipsey
Big Family, Big Country, Big Spaces - D. Rieder
CMP - W.Townsend
Bill's Basic Beliefs - D. Rieder
Fleckvieh Forum - Kelly
Back to Basics - B. Landis
The Circuit
Viewpoint - C. Ujazdowski
Houston Livestock Show



April 2012

The Future is Here - Dr. Wade Shafer
Simmental Cummulative Sales Averages
Carcass Merit - Mike Alley, Gordon Hodges
Back to Basics - THE Enrollment Codes
Fleckvieh Forum - Butch/Denise Casilio
Salute To Simbrah - Beth Mercer



March 2012

Multibreed Genetic Evaluation for Calving Ease and Maternal Calving Ease
Most Used Bulls
Back to Basic
National Western Results
Focus on Leanring -Dan Reider
View Point
44th Annual Meeting
AJSA Action





February 2012

Should I Be Concerned About Recips - Bruce Hoffman, DVM
A Full Slate of Positive Traits - Dan Rieder
Sales Season = Transfers! - Back to Basics
Six Elected to ASA Board
ViewPoint - Kevin Thompson, Will Townsend
NAIL Results
AJSA Action - Seth Kaehler



December/January 2011

Should We Change our EPDs to the Same Base as RA? - Dr. Jerry Lipsey
Carcass Merit Program - Dr. Wade Shafer
CRISS-X-BREEDS, Back to Basics
Golden Book Award Recipients
Industry Insight - Cary Crow
American Royal Results
Envisioning Progress - Dan Reider
AJSA Action




November 2011

Should ASA Change EPDs to the Same Base as Red Angus? Part II Jerry Lipsey, Ph.D.
Carcass Merit Program - Our Most Recent Class for Spring 2011 - Wade Shafer, Ph.D.
Under Range Conditions/Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch - Dan Rieder
Working the Web: Genetic Trends - Steve McGuire
Viewpoint - Roger Finke
Back to Basics: Enrollment 2012 - Leoma Wells




October 2011 Issue

Should the ASA Change their EPDs to the Same Base as the Red Angus?
Jerry Lipsey, Ph.D.
Simbrah Calves Will Be Produced in the Carcass Merit Program Wade Shafer, Ph.D.
ASA's Pilot Genetic Evaluation of Disposition Wade Shafer, Ph.D.
North Dakota Breeder Represents ASA
Dan Rieder
ASA's 8th President Dies
Dan Rieder
Report Spring 2011 Calves - Back to Basics
Leoma Wells and Jannine Story
Genetic Perfection
Dan Rieder
ViewPoint - Jim Butcher and Annie Allen
AJSA Action




September 2011 Issue

National Classic Results
Eastern Regional Results
North Central Regional Results
Western Classic Results
For Some Disposition Most Important
Jerry Lipsey, Ph.D., Ed Creason
The Spring 2011 Carcass Merit Program are in the Books
Wade Shafer, Ph.D.
Back to Basics: Transfers! Transfers! Transfers! Read All About it!
Leoma Wells and Jannine Story
A Source for Simbrah - Dan Rieder
AJSA Summit
Viewpoint: Mike Mallett and Jeremie Ruble





July/ August 2011 Issue
Carcass Merit Program - Wade Shafer, Ph.D.
Every Cow is a Potential Recip - Dan Rieder
Mike Mallett's Message - ASA Board Chairman by Dan Rieder
Working the Web: ASA now collecting dispositin and docility Scores
Steve McGuire (Second article on the page. Scroll down to read)
Viewpoint - Gregg Bailey, Ed Creason
ASA Co-Hosts BIF Conference - Dan Rieder
Back to Basics: Why Calf Reporting is Priceless - Leoma Wells


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