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By combining two legendary maternal breeds – Simmental and Brahman – and capturing retained maternal heterosis, American Simbrah offers a rare balance of superior fertility, maternal weaning weight, and lifetime productivity with unequaled environmental adaptability.

Simbrah is the obvious choice for Brangus, Braford, and Beefmaster type commercial cows.  Using Simbrah will add performance, significantly improve Yield Grade and Rib Eye Size, and maintain maternal value and replacement flexibility.


"Inheritance of Color and the Polled Trait" by Dr. R.R. Shalles
Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University
with updates by Sally Buxkemper

"Color in Simbrah" - By Sally Buxkemper
"Polled, Horned, Scurred Revisted" - By Sally Buxkemper


Texas A&M Ranch to Rail Report

"The Best of Both Breeds"-ASA pdf

"Guidelines for Breeding Simbrah" - ASA pdf

Simbrah Percentile Table

American Breeds Coalition

Simbrah World

"Description of a Simbrah"-ASA pdf

"Development of the Breed" -ASA pdf

Other language files availble

Simbrah Spanish

Simbrah Portuguese

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