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Understanding the financials of a business is crucial to having a thorough understanding of where it’s been and where it’s going. In times of uncertainty, it is affirming to know that those businesses we rely upon are not only steady, but still thriving and striving ahead. That provides the stability to keep services flowing, while allowing the potential for new growth and new opportunities.

But more importantly, ASA financials reflect SimGenetic influence in the marketplace. Our numbers are a reaction to members’ ability to sell seedstock. If the commercial producer demands SimGenetics, then our members benefit and grow and then, ultimately, grow their business relationship with us. At the same time, ASA works aggressively to keep costs in check. Our services are amongst the most inexpensive in the breed association space. Our goal isn’t to grow our resources while exhausting yours. Our purpose, our “why”, is to give you cost-effective tools that make your operation more profitable, so that you have more discretionary dollars for your family

If you grow, we grow. And vice versa. Your success is our success. Forever linked.

The financial indicators highlight the responsible nature in which ASA uses your resources. And that prudent approach allows us to leverage any excess through programs like CHR, CXP, etc. to benefit the entire community and business of Simmental.



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