Hydrops Pregnancy Research Update: February 2024

The American Simmental Association would like to update the membership on the active and ongoing research involving Hydrops cases related to progeny of WS All Aboard B80. In November, the ASA Board of Trustees approved a secondary research project in addition to the current and active testing of reported Hydrops cases and related animals. 

As was previously reported, the ASA and UNL team are continuing to field reports of these Hydrops cases and obtain samples as available. However, due to a lack of conclusive results up to this point, an additional project has been taken on to expedite the information we can collect and provide on these particular cases of Hydrops. In December, it was arranged for embryos out of females known to have had reported cases of Hydrops to be placed into recipient cows. We are happy to report that 15 pregnancies have been confirmed from this embryo transfer. This will allow the research team at UNL to observe the full pregnancies as well as hopefully collect the needed data and samples to help producers make more informed decisions moving forward.

ASA will continue to keep the members informed on further developments of any of the research in this case. We recognize the importance and impact that this is having on membership, which has helped motivate the decision to take on this secondary research. Helping our producers navigate this situation is of the utmost importance, so if you or someone you know have any questions or need to report a potential Hydrops case, please contact the team at babell@simmgene.com or through the Hydrops Reporting Form.


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