Minor Updates Made to 2024 Sire Source

We recently announced in the SimTalk Membership Directory in an effort to make the publication an even more valuable and credible tool. In case you missed it, here are four specific points to note:

  • To be eligible for a listing in the Sire Source, all sires must be approved for AI use.
  • The genetic evaluation/awareness chart will be complete, meaning all EPD, accuracies, and percentile rankings will be listed. Individual EPD, accuracy, and percentile cells will not be highlighted.
  • No “Black” or “Polled” designation will be listed without the qualifier of homozygous or heterozygous on the bull photo as determined by HerdBook.
  • There will be no programmatic logos highlighted on the bull photo. Any desired logos can be highlighted on the right-hand side of the page in the marketing section if the client wishes.

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