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Trustee Election Ballots Have Been Mailed

Participate in the selection of members who serve on the ASA Board of Trustees by voting online or by paper ballot.  If you are sending in your paper ballot, use the enclosed envelope addressed to The Chairman of the Tellers. Please do not send it to the ASA office. We cannot forward it for you.

Here are the 2020 Trustee candidates. Please take the time to get to know them.

Recessive trait

Term Definition
Recessive trait
A recessive trait means an animal needs to inherit two copies of that allele in order to display the trait (phenotype). This is only possible if both parents have at least one copy of this allele. If the animal inherits just one copy, then the dominant allele will drive the phenotype. Red coat color is a recessive trait. A calf must have two copies of the red coat allele (ee) to display a red coat. That does not mean both parents have to be red, they just had to carry at least one copy of the red coat allele. Mating two heterozygous black parents (Ee) would have a red calf (ee) approximately 25% of the time.