Genetics 101

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Heredity and Genetics
Sal Khan 
Watch these 8 short videos for a refresher course about DNA, genes, and how these code for life.

Hardy-Weinberg Equation
Paul Andersen
Bozeman High School
This video on the Hardy-Weinberg Equation describes a key principle to population genetics. The Hardy-Weinberg principle is used in a number of areas including genetic defect inheritance.


Simple Genetic Traits

Coat Color in SimGenetic Cattle
Jackie Atkins, Ph. D, Director of Science and Education,  American Simmental Association
and Sally Buxkemper, RX Ranch
Coat color is an important trait with many sought after varieties. Some breeders take advantage of the Certified Angus Beef program and breed mainly black cattle. Other breeders develop heat tolerant cattle with black hides and red hair. No matter your preference, coat color is one of the first things we notice about cattle. Here we dive into the physiology of coat color and the genetic control of various coat color phenotypes.

Polled, Horned, Scurred Revisited
Sally Buxkemper
RX Ranch
Two long term breeding projects at Texas A&M University, the Angleton Project, which was the basis for the NCBA sponsored Carcass Merit Project, now completed, and the ongoing McGregor Genomics Project ) have given animal scientists the ability to collect phenotypes and genotypes for many important production traits. Since Angus and Brahman or Nellore cattle were used in both projects and they are divergent in the Polled trait, studies of the inheritance of Polled, Horned, and Scurred are also being done.

Genetics of Colour Variation
T. A. Olson, Ph. D
University of Florida
Chapter detailing the genetics of coat color in cattle including the base coat color, variations from the basic coat color, and spotting.

Inheritance of Color And The Polled Trait
Dr. R. R. Schalles
Kansas State University
All functions of an animal are controlled by the enzymes (and other proteins) produced by the genes the individual possesses. The way these enzymes metabolize nutrients into a wide range of products determines the specific growth rate, structural size, color, etc. for each individual. Since genes are passed from parent to offspring, the characteristics of the offspring can be predicted if enough is known about the parents.


Punnett Square

Using A Punnett Square
Jackie Atkins, Ph. D
American Simmental AssociationTutorial on using a punnett square to predict mating outcomes for simply inherited traits


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