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By combining two legendary maternal breeds – Simmental and Brahman – and capturing retained maternal heterosis, American Simbrah offers a rare balance of superior fertility, maternal weaning weight, and lifetime productivity with unequaled environmental adaptability.

Simbrah is the obvious choice for Brangus, Bradford, and Beefmaster type commercial cows.  Using Simbrah will add performance, significantly improve yield grade and ribeye size, and maintain the maternal value and replacement flexibility.

Simbrah World

Description of a Simbrah

Development of the Breed


Guidelines for breeding cattle

Simbrah combines the strengths of the two most populous breeds of cattle in the world — Simmental and Brahman. The fertility, milking ability, and rapid growth of the Simmental are complemented by the heat tolerance and hardiness of the Brahman.

The initial development of the Simbrah breed occurred predominantly in the Gulf Coast region of the US; however, the popularity of Simbrah cattle now extends to many parts of the country.


Breeding Purebred Simbrah

A purebred animal consists of 5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Brahman breeding. The degree of heterosis (hybrid vigor) in the first generation purebred will depend on how Simmental and Brahman are combined (see Table). Matings of purebred Simmental and 1/4 Simmental x 3/4 Brahman parents result in a greater degree of heterosis in the calf than matings of 3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman and 1/2 Simmental x 1/2 Brahman parents. Differences among the dams used in the cross will also influence performance. As Brahman breeding of the dam increases, calf birth weight will generally decrease; as the level of Simmental breeding of the dam increases, calf birth weight and calf weaning weight will generally increase.


The Simbrah Registry

The American Simmental Association maintains the registry for the Simbrah breed. Two categories of Simbrah are admitted to the registry. Animals of 5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Brahman breeding are registered as purebred Simbrah. Other combinations of not less than 1/8 Simmental, 1/8 Brahman and not more than 3/8 other breeds are registered as percentage Simbrah.

The wide range of crosses, from 1/8 to 3/4 Simmental and 1/8 to 5/8 Brahman, provides excellent flexibility for breeding programs. Breeders can select combinations that perform best in their production environment and which also best satisfy market demand in their area. By allowing up to 3/8 of other breeds in Simbrah cattle, breeders can also introduce other genetics, such as the polled trait, into their herd.



  Four Ways to Create Purebred Simbrah  
Registered Sire Registered Dam Comment
Purebred Simmental 1/4 Simmental x 3/4 Brahman (foundation Brahman)  Most heterosis overall; increased weaning weight without increased birth weights.
1/4 Simmental x 3/4 Brahman Purebred Simmental High level of heterosis in calf; highest (foundation Brahman) Purebred Simmental High level of heterosis in calf; highest expected weaning weights, but also a potential for increased birth weights.
3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman 1/2 Simmental x 1/2 Brahman Moderate level of heterosis in calf and high degree of maternal heterosis; weaning weight potential similar to option two, but with less expected increase in birth weight.
1/2 Simmental x 1/2 Brahman 3/4 Simmental x 1/4 Brahman Moderate calf and maternal heterosis; weaning weight potential somewhat less than other options.


Simbrah Spanish

Al combinar dos razas maternas legendarias, Simmental y Brahman, y capturar la heterosis materna retenida, American Simbrah ofrece un raro equilibrio de fertilidad superior, peso materno y productividad de por vida con una adaptabilidad ambiental inigualable.

Simbrah es la opción obvia para las vacas comerciales tipo Brangus, Bradford y Beefmaster. El uso de Simbrah agregará rendimiento, mejorará significativamente el grado de rendimiento y el tamaño de la costilla, y mantendrá el valor materno y la flexibilidad de reemplazo.

Simbrah Portuguese

Combinando duas raças maternas lendárias - Simental e Brahman - e capturando a heterose materna retida, a American Simbrah oferece um raro equilíbrio de fertilidade superior, peso de desmame materno e produtividade ao longo da vida com adaptabilidade ambiental inigualável.

Simbrah é a escolha óbvia para as vacas comerciais do tipo Brangus, Bradford e Beefmaster. O uso do Simbrah aumentará o desempenho, melhorará significativamente o Yield Grade e o Rib Eye Size, além de manter o valor materno e a flexibilidade de substituição.

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