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ASA 2019 April Board Meeting Recap

Progress Through Performance (PTP) Shows  – The Activities & Events (A&E) Committee formed a smaller committee in January to review all the policies and guidelines for PTP Show events.  In April, the A&E Committee reviewed the PTP Committee suggestions and updates and presented them to the full Board.  The full Board discussed what was presented and approved the updates.

During the process to find out about the timing needed to implement some of the changes (which involved working with people who manage the four major ASA PTP Shows) one of the changes became known and caused concern among the membership.  ASA Chairman, Gordon Hodges, A&E Committee Chairman, Steve Eichacker, and the ASA Board of Trustees would like to thank all the members who have responded and expressed their concerns.  

The A&E Committee met on June 13 to review the letters and emails received, and the changes approved by the Board in April.   The A&E Committee felt the change in the Percentage Simmental division needed to have a chance, to see how much impact if any, the change has for a minimum of 1 year.  The guidelines will continue to be monitored very closely if any adjustments need to be made.

Here is a recap of updates made to the PTP Show Program and Guidelines (all materials can be found on ASA’s website):

  1. PTP Show Guidelines: change the minimum percentage allowed into the percentage Simmental division.  PTP Regulations, item 2.b.  To show in the Percentage Simmental division (also called SimSolutions, SimGenetics, etc.) an animal must be at least 3/8 Simmental but less than 7/8 Simmental.  Progress Through Performance (PTP) Guidelines.
  2. Support of the 5 major open PTP Shows:  ASA will pay $10/head to host state associations upon state associations providing proof of funds used to support costs of hosting a major PTP show and proof of entries.  The PTP Shows eligible:  American Royal, NAILE, NWSS Hill Show, NWSS Pen Show, and FWSSR).
  3. Check-in for the four major PTP Shows and AJSA Classics procedure simplified.   Verification of tattoos will be handled differently

                  a. There will be a central location where exhibitors pick up their exhibitor number.

                  b. First and second place:  animal in each class will have their tattoo verified before entering the ring for division championship.

                         i.  If their tattoo does not verify, they are disqualified from entering the ring for the division championship.

                                      1.  Reasonable efforts will be taken to move lower placings up should a higher placing animal be disqualified.

                         ii.  Tattoos on other animals may be checked at ASA discretion.

                   c.  Champions and reserve champions will have DNA samples pulled and tested for parentage and genomics. 

                         i.   ASA has the option to pull additional random DNA samples.

  1. PTP Judge’s program. Judges’ program will no longer have color coding; however, will continue to provide EPDs, indexes, percentile ranks and breed averages for the purebreds, and EPDs, percentile ranks, and breed averages for the percentage.
  2. PTP Show programs– new format (same information) for the program.
  3. PTP Show Hosting Division of Responsibilities updated.
  4. PTP Show Judge Nomination form revised.
  5. PTP Judges’ List review. The Judges’ list will be reviewed every 3 years.

                  a.  This list is posted online for public access. 

                          i.  The information provided:  judge name, address, contact information, year approved to list, relevant shows judged, and eligibility for the next show season. Link to list.

                  b. Shows used to determine eligibility of a PTP judge include the 4 major open PTP shows:  American Royal, NAILE, NWSS, FWSSR, the NWSS pen show, and the AJSA National Classic.

9.  Encourage state association involvement in providing PTP show judge nominations by-yearly.


Join us for Fall Focus. The ASA Board and Staff are very active and involved in moving the American Simmental Association forward with programs following the mission and core policies.  A “big-tent” approach following a strategic plan (mapped out every three to five years as their guideline) to provide programs and services to assist members, in providing the tools, to be leaders in the industry and serve members’ customers.

Every fall (late August, early September) the ASA Board and Staff invite you to become personally involved in your Association.  The fall committee and board meetings are hosted in different areas of the U.S. to provide the opportunity to join, interact, and see first-hand the workings of each committee.  Watch for more detailed information on this upcoming meeting in August.  In addition, a full-day educational program with great presentations, knowledge-sharing, and interaction among all who attend.

Participate in selecting your region ASA Trustees!  Another very important responsibility which very few members participate in is the election of your region Trustees.  Announcements are forthcoming very soon – watch for the announcements:  the Board seeking nomination applications, the nomination ballots, and ballots for the election of Trustees for the 2020 open ASA Board of Trustees seats.

Here are more actions taken during the April Board Meeting.  The official April board meeting minutes will be available on ASA’s website after receiving the board’s approval (review and approval happen during the next board meeting) which provides a broader view of committee and board work.

Activities and Events Committee

Regional and National Classic

  1. Regional and National Classic Public Speaking Contest. Starting in 2020, the junior division of the public speaking contest will allow a prepared speech instead of an extemporaneous speech.
  2. Regional Classic host states will receive $5,000 for facility support from the American Simmental~Simbrah Foundation. (This is an increase from $2,000 given in past years).
  3. Ensure live coverage of the AJSA National Classic show on an annual basis.


  1. Merit Award program guidelines. The Bronze Award (first level of three – Bronze, Silver, and Gold) has been updated for juniors to submit their applications directly to the ASA; ASA will work with state associations in selecting bronze merit awardees. 

 Here are the updated guidelines:

  1. For ASA junior members
  2. Recognizes achievement in Association sponsored Simmental/Simbrah activities
  3. Application and two (2) letters of recommendation required
  4. Selected by ASA with assistance from state associations
  5. Certificates will be presented at the National Classic each year
  6. Unlimited number of awards/state/year
  7. One-time award per individual. Completed application and recommendation letters and recent photo (head & shoulders) must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than June.


Breed Improvement Committee

Feeder Profit Calculator – evaluation for continued growth and development.

Herdbook Services – Animal Search feature:  adding a row of possible change. 

  1. Possible change is the range (plus or minus) an animal’s EPD that, 67 percent of the time, we expect the animal’s true genetic value to fall within.
  2. Possible change is more intuitive to understand than accuracy and will help set expectation levels for EPD movement.

Growth and Development Committee

HOLSim Program – continued promotion, research, and development with the HOLSim program.


Policy and Procedures Committee

Electronic voting.  

a.  Rule and Bylaws – members will have the option to vote electronically through Herdbook Services.

b.  Trustee Nomination and Elections – members will have the option to vote electronically through a third-party vendor.

Simbrah Committee

Simbrah/SimGenetics Summit and Field Day will be held at Graham Feedyards, Gonzales, TX in late October in conjunction with cattle delivery date.

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