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ASA Fall Board Meeting Recap

Board Meeting Recap
The ASA Board of Trustees met right after Fall Focus in Manhattan, Kansas on August 25 and 26th. This provided the opportunity for members to attend and interact during the board and committee meetings. Watch for detailed information in the Register and future eNews.
Activities and Events Committee.
1. PTP Show 3/8 minimum: April's resolution to include 3/8 Simmental in PTP Percentage Shows has been amended. The PTP Shows have the option to include 3/8 Simmental cattle in their percentage show during the 2019-2020 show season. On March 1, 2020, PTP Show Guidelines Rule 2b will revert back: to show in the Percentage Simmental division (also called SimSolutions,  SimGenetics, etc.) an animal must be at least 1 /2 Simmental but less than 7/8 Simmental.
2. National Classic Division of Responsibilities changed in April 2019 and further clarification was added to this policy. ASA now covers the facility and provides $30,000 toward awards and $10,000 toward facility decorations. 
3. Exhibitors Choice Award. A new award beginning this show season (2019-2020) implemented:
the Exhibitors Choice Award for the 4 major PTP shows in the National Show rotation. Exhibitors will receive a ballot distributed at the time of check-in and vote for 1 bull and/or 1 heifer - no matter percentage or purebred. Awards and recognition to be similar awards as those received by winners of the Ring of Champions. The top 5 Exhibitors and top 5 Ring of Champion points in each division will be published after each show 
4. Tennessee Simmental Association is selected to host the 2020 AJSA Eastern Regional Classic on June 9-13, 2020 at Cookeville, Tennessee. Seeking host states for regional classics - contact staff to find out more details.
5. PTP Judges. Ryan Haefner and Brad Bennett have been added to the approved PTP Judges' List.
Breed Improvement Committee.
1. Performance Advocate Program. This program recognizes those breeders who consistently submit performance data on specified traits. In addition to the six traits (birth weight, calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight, yearling hip height, ultrasound/carcass) required; the following traits will be added: docility, genomic testing on whole birth contemporary group, feed intake, mature cow weight, mature cow body condition score or hip height, genomic test on cow herd, udder score and feet/leg scores (when available). Watch for more details for your program to be recognized as a Performance Advocate.
2. CHR - Phase II. The first phase of the CHR program was very successful. Watch for more details to continue with the CHR program.
a. 40, 198 female genotypes with marked increases in progeny equivalents during this first phase.
b. Comparing data submitted in 2016 to the average mature cow phenotypes submitted in 2017-2018:
i. 330% increase in cow weights
ii. 615% increase in hip heights
iii. 442% increase in body condition scores
Growth and Development Committee.
1. STYLE. Staff and Committee are working together to develop a young professional program to enhance leadership skills and interaction with the ASA structure.
2. SimTalk. Promotion and distribution of SimTalk to regional sales barns starting to better share ASA's messages.
3. SLA/IGS Rep Reward Program. Program to encourage and incentivize the promotion and use of the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator.

Policy and Procedures Committee.
1. ASA Rules and Bylaws. Change to Rule II.M.5. All who have an embryo transplant program or AI sire know of the DNA requirements. Registration of calves will be delayed until the DNA requirements are met. The change to this rule will update the current practice.  Rule II.M.5: All sires used in an embryo transfer program or whose semen is frozen for the first time for A.I. use and any donor dams placed in embryo transfer for the first time, must be DNA typed at the owner's expense. The results must be filed with the Association prior to registration of the resulting calf.

Executive Committee.
1. Collaboration. ASA and Neogen plan to collaborate to develop products and services related to the production of genetic indexes for commercial cattle.
2. American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation Mission Statement. The Executive Committee and the ASF Foundation Board met preparing for the continued advancement of the Foundation.  They updated the Foundation's Mission Statement and Core Policies. Watch for more exciting news about the Foundation and upcoming fundraising events!
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