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2020 NAILE Fullblood Simmental Shows Cancelled

A message from Larry H. Maxey, Founder and Superintendent, NAILE Fullblood Simmental Shows          

In the October issue of the Register, considerable information was provided based on tentative plans consistent with past NAILE events in the Fleckvieh Forum column. It was pointed out that a final decision would be based on outcomes and feedback of the success and effectiveness of unique COVID-19 health requirements put in place for the 2020 Kentucky State Fair held in late August at the same location that houses the NAILE.

I can report that a decision by the Kentucky Governor was made in mid-September to go forward with the 2020 NAILE. Most of you probably know that by now. However, it is worth noting that the extremely strict health protocols in place for the State Fair are also mandated for the NAILE. We are certainly hopeful that the NAILE team can demonstrate the same level of success and plan execution for an event that is considerably larger and much more complex.

As was announced in the October issue of the Register, the NAILE Fullblood Simmental program was prepared to go forward as planned. The successes we have had in the past 12 years are due to the support of a lot of people. That includes our Canadian breeders. Their contributions have been very strong and consistent from our very first show. We could never have gotten to our current level without their help.

In some years, such as 2019, half of our entries were from our Canadian friends. Now, because of COVID-19, the border between Canada and the USA has been closed for several months. That closure remains in place as of October 1. Unfortunately, due to this closure, our Canadian exhibitors will be unable to participate in the 2020 NAILE Fullblood Simmental Shows. I always say that the NAILE Fullblood Simmental Shows put the “International” in the International thanks to our Canadian participants. 

With consideration of the above, our NAILE Fullblood Simmental group remained committed to having our three shows with limited numbers through late September; however, some of our exhibitors became concerned with the extremely strict regulations and procedures now present as well as the ongoing civil unrest in Louisville. In the absence of our Canadian exhibitors as well as recognition of the input from our US participants, the decision was made to cancel our three 2020 NAILE Fullblood Simmental Shows . 

But, this is not the end! And, the NAILE staff have informed us that they fully understand our position and advised that they will support us for 2021. They have been very helpful with our program over the years, and that will continue.

Although the 2020 NAILE will not see our Fullblood Simmental program represented, I have received multiple commitments from our group that the 2021 NAILE will. And, based on what I am hearing, we fully expect the program to be bigger and better. Certainly, that is our plan, and so it goes.

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