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Announcements and Events

Foundation Focus

September 22, 2019 Events ASA
By Dr. Fred Swain, Chairman of the Eastern Junior Funding Auction | The Eastern Simmental Junior funding committee initiated a scholarship actively designated…

Come One, Come All - All Breeds Welcome!

September 10, 2019 Events ASA
2020 AJSA Steer Profitability Competition Animals must be entered by 9/27/2019. Go to to enter your animals and find more…

ASA Spotlight

Fleckvieh is Deeply Rooted in Holland

October 11, 2019 ASA Spotlight ASA
by Emme Troendle | Editor’s note: While in the Netherlands visiting friends, ASA’s Emme Troendle met two Dutch Fleckvieh dairy farmers who are on the board for…

Simmental Down Under

September 23, 2019 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Lilly Platts | Hicks Beef has long been committed to improving their program through science and data. Shortly after the formation of IGS, the program…