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Multiple Ways of Reporting Calf Data Online

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By Emme Troendle
Want to Report Your Calf Data Online?
Are you wrapping up your spring calving? Once you are completely done calving you can submit all your calf data together and receive updated EPDs quicker than ever before.

Here are some quick instructions to get started:

1. Log into

2. Go to “Data Entry”, and Select Online.

3. Select "Inventory" and make sure that "Spring" and "2019" are selected before clicking “Update 2019 – Spring Calves.”

4. Report a 2019-born calf for every cow or a productivity code (a reason the cow didn’t calve).
When working online, don’t forget to click on the column headers to find more information about that header. All required fields are underlined.


Want to download and upload your calf data from a spreadsheet?

1. Log into

2. Go to Data Entry, and select “Download.”

3. Select the circled items and then select “Download.”

4. Report a 2019-born calf for every cow or a productivity code (a reason the cow didn’t calve).

5. Save the file on your computer as a .csv or .xls file.


Here are quick instructions to upload your spreadsheet:   

6. Go to “Data Entry”, and select “Upload”.   

7. Input a job title, select “Animal Data” for job type, choose the correct excel file, and Select “Upload.”  


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