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Are you working on submitting your calf data? Here is a quick checklist to make sure you’re getting all your data submitted correctly.

✔ Does every cow you enrolled in your 2019 spring enrollment have a calf reported? If you want more detailed instructions on how to report your calf data online go to
✔ Do you have a dam that didn’t have a calf? You’ll need to report the reason she didn’t calve that season/year with a productivity code (but if you have calf data and the calf died during/after birth jump to the next checkmark)

Here is how to report a productivity code:

(A) Select the BrthDam tab.

(B) Input a code into the Productivity column that fits the reason the cow didn’t calve best. Hint: you can click on the column header for your list of codes.

(C) Input “2019” in the Productivity Year column.

✔ Is a calf removal code reported for all calves that died or were removed from the herd after birth and weaning?


Here is how to report a Calf Removal code:

(A) Make sure the Animal tab is selected (default tab)

(B) Input a code into the CalfRemoval column that fits the reason the calf is not in the herd any longer Hint: pay attention to pre and post weaning code options!

✔ Is all your 2018 calf data submitted? If all the data is not in, your account is considered to be in non-compliance and you will not be able to process any registrations/transfers until the data has been submitted.

Here is how you can find out if you’re missing any data:

(A) On Herdbook, place your cursor over Data Entry and select Online.

(B) Select Inventory and your calving season and year.

(C) Look for the THE Reporting bar. Is it below 100%?

(D) To see which cows you need a calf reported select Update 2018 - Spring Calves. This will load in your entire spring THE cow inventory and  calf crop. Look for any cows that were enrolled in the spring that are missing a calf or a productivity code (a reason she didn’t calve that season/year).  Don’t forget to use calf removal codes if a calf died or was removed after calving. 

Productivity Codes

1 - Stillborn

2 - Aborted

3 - Not Exposed to Calve in given Season/Year

5 - ET Donor

6 - ET Recipient

7 - Exposed and failed to conceive - move to next season

8 - Exposed and failed to conceive - move to next year

9 - Exposed and failed to conceive - removed from herd

10 - Calving interval overlaps season (Dec-Jan) (Jun-Jul)

11 - Bred-but sold, removed or died prior to calving

12 - Cow Calved-Calf Not Found Intact or at All


Calf Removal - Animal’s Removal Code

Prior to Weaning

20 - Born Alive — Died Disease

21 - Born Alive — Died Other

22 - Died at Birth — Calving Difficulty

23 - Died at Birth — Defect

24 - Died at Birth — Other

25 - Other

26 - Stillborn — Full Term

After weaning

30 - Appearance

31 - Color

32 - Died — Disease

33 - Died — Other

34 - Failed to Conceive

35 - Feet and Legs

36 - Performance

37 - Other

38 - Temperament

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