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How Do I Get EPDs on My Animal(s)


A look at how to select what data you want returned on your calf crop.     |     

In a day and age where members are regularly putting in hard work to collect weights, measurements, and DNA samples on their calf crop, ensuring they are getting the data they’re after is top priority. Members use EPDs and Indexes as a tool, especially when marketing and selecting herd replacements, but frequently get confused on how to get the EPDs on the calves in their herd. There are five different cost-saving options that vary depending on the EPDs being delivered on the yearly calf crop. ASA offers a program called Total Herd Enrollment (THE) for members who are dedicated to collecting and reporting whole cow-herd calf data annually. Specific THE options provide EPDs on the entire calf crop such as Options A, C, or D (females only). Members who are in Option B or not in THE can receive EPDs by registering individual calves or the entire calf crop.

A quick look on how to receive EPDs on an animal:

  1. Register the calf — EPDs are released on any registered Simmental, SimGenetic, or Foundation animal in the ASA database.
  2. Enroll the cow herd in THE Option A or C — Any calf whose dam was enrolled in THE option A or C will receive EPDs when placed on file or registered.
  3. Enroll the cow herd in THE Option D — Any heifer calf whose dam was enrolled in THE option D will receive EPDs when placed on file.

Depending on what (and how much) data members are looking to have returned, ASA has an option that will fit their herd needs. See the chart below for a quick guide on data and price:


 Additional reasons you might not see EPDs, but think you should:

• You’re enrolled in THE, but not seeing EPDs on the calf.

— The dam may have accidentally been culled or moved seasons. (View Cow Summary on the animal’s pedigree page.)

• The calf is registered, but not showing EPDs

— The calf may be flagged for genetic defects. Next to the EPDs it will say “HeldGenetic”. (View TraitTrac on the animal’s pedigree page.)

— The calf may be suspended because parentage results came back, and it may not have qualified to the sire or dam. (View DNA details on the animal’s pedigree page.)


As a reminder:

If you’re looking to participate in research projects like Cow Herd DNA Roundup or Calf Crop Genomics, ensure you’re already receiving EPDs on the animals you’re testing. The ASA does not return molecular breeding values alone (not incorporated into EPDs). In order to receive a GE-EPD, animals must first have EPDs.

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