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By Sheldon Ross, Lead Developer, and Systems Administrator       |         

Inactive Animals Shaded Red on Animal List

Previously, using the animal search tool to take stock of active animals was an issue, because as a historical record of ownership, the animal search wouldn’t separate current from disposed animals. The new red shading option to mark disposed animals makes it easier to identify animals that are relevant to breeder’s current operation.

The list is sorted into two sections. The animals displayed at the top of the list in black are animals that are either currently active or have never been marked as disposed, were sold without papers, or don’t have a carcass record linked to them.

Animals that have a disposal code are automatically sorted to the bottom of the list and shaded a dark red color. The red provides a quick visual distinction that those animals are no longer active or relevant to the current breeding program.



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Naming an Animal

January 09, 2021 Back to Basics ASA
The processing team has noticed an increase in the frequency of questions on how to name your animals. Below are guidelines to help. An Animal Name: ■ May be up to 30 characters, including spaces, prefixes, dashes, or slashes. ■ In addition to letters or numbers, the following characters are eligible for use: & / - _ `. ■ Only the applicant’s approved…

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