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How to Properly Collect a DNA Hair Sample

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If you received kits from ASA with ID stickers, the following instructions are included in a hard-copy form. Follow the instructions below if you are using “blank” cards and requesting paperwork from ASA, i.e. you have cards on hand and plan to take the samples, email the form in step 1 to ASA, receive the “PRINT AND MAIL WITH SAMPLES” paperwork, and then send kits to the lab. Failing to either send cards with stickers OR ASA’s generated paperwork will result in serious delays. 

  1. Click here to download ASA’s DNA paperwork request form. It is suggested to match animal ID’s with blank cards, print this sheet, and then take samples.
  2. Check the tattoo/tag in the ear of the animal. Make sure tattoo/tag in ear matches the information on the hair collector form.

  3. For optimal results, GeneSeek recommends pulling a pencil thickness of hair (25-40 follicles) from the switch of the animal’s tail making sure the root bulbs are clearly visible. Please ensure that the collected hair is dry and free of dirt, dung, and plant material. However, do not use cleaners on hair as it will contaminate the samples. Do not pull hair from other areas of the body, as it may not produce the follicles necessary for testing. Place the sample in hair collector card and insert the card into a sealed plastic bag.


*Do not enclose payment to GeneSeek, ASA bills your account either when kits are sent for specific animals, or paperwork is generated.

***ASA strongly suggests sending kits via FedEx to ensure delivery and a timely turnaround. 



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