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Are You Investment Worthy?

November 20, 2020 Industry News ASA
By Chip Kemp | Many of us vested in the seedstock business know that our involvement stems from a pivotal decision somewhere along the way by either ourselves, ancestors, or an influential mentor. That decision to generate and sell seedstock was often driven…

Performance Data Collection Guide

November 19, 2020 Industry News ASA
Definitions, Tips, Timelines, and Use | By Jackie Atkins, Ph.D., Director of Science and Education If your life is like mine, you have a long list of things to do and moments of decision fatigue. Unfortunately, sometimes I end up working on things that aren’t…

ASA and Neogen Genomics Remain Committed to Serving You


Both the American Simmental Association and Neogen Genomics have acted to continue to provide services and protect employee safety. Many employees with both businesses are successfully working remotely to provide excellent customer service.

Neogen Genomics has taken many steps to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and remains committed to taking the necessary measures to continue processing samples, maintaining turnaround time, and avoid interruption in delivering results. After a brief pause, ASA will resume shipping DNA kits once per week on Fridays, beginning April 3. If you wish for your kit request to be included in a Friday shipment, please submit your request by 4:30 pm Mountain on Thursday.

Don’t hesitate to contact the DNA Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-587-4531. Rachel, Lilly, Molly, and Lauren are here to help and look forward to assisting you with your DNA testing needs.

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