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Beefing up dairy cattle with beef genetics: Dairy Industry Enters New Era of Value-added Feeder Cattle

January 15, 2021 Industry News ASA
Dr. Bob Hough and Frank Padilla, WLJ correspondents No matter how you look at it, the dairy industry has been a tough business to be a part of with razor-thin margins—and that is when dairies have been able to sell their milk at a profit at all. This has led…

Maximum Carcass Knowledge - Leverage CMP and CXP in Customers' Herds

January 09, 2021 Industry News ASA
By Lane Giess, Director of Commercial & Nontraditional Data Programs We get it, your bull buyers are the reason for your success. They’ve bought into your breeding program and trust that your genetics are going to help make them more profitable cattle…


The American Simmental Association offers a support package for members in fiscal year 2021.


During this time of uncertainty and unprecedented challenge, the American Simmental Association (ASA) recognizes that members and their customers are working tirelessly to keep the cattle industry going strong despite broad-sweeping change. To give back, the ASA Board of Trustees recently passed a member support package for the fiscal year 2021 totaling over $280,000.

“We all know the reality of current struggles,” says Tim Curran, Ione, CA, ASA Board of Trustees Chairman. “It is only appropriate that ASA does what it can to aid members and their families as they plow ahead with the task of building the best genetics they can for the beef business.” 

Starting in July 2020, the ASA will offer a 10% allotment for active ASA members based on their 2019 fiscal year (July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019) animal registrations, transfers, and Total Herd Enrollments (THE). Members may view the dollar amount of their individual allotment through their Herdbook accounts beginning July 1. The allotment can be put toward the same services in fiscal year 2021. When members submit registrations, transfers, or THE transactions, from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021 the total fees will be reduced until the allotment has been depleted.

As members deal with the impacts of this pandemic, demand won’t stop for raising quality genetics and providing better protein for consumers.

ASA’s Executive Vice President Wade Shafer shares that now, more than ever, data and value-added programs provided by ASA make a difference for members and their customers. 

“Due to the steadily increasing demand for our members' products, the American Simmental Association has experienced extraordinary financial success,” he says.  “During this time of struggle in our world and our industry, our board and staff felt that extending a hand to those who created those products (our members) was simply the right thing to do.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to urban and rural settings across the entire globe. 

Remarkable demand for superior genetics and prudent fiscal management have uniquely positioned ASA. Our members' unyielding industry focus has brought this about. As such, it is better we leverage a portion of ASA’s resources during this time than to ask our membership to exhaust theirs,”  ASA Director of Commercial and Industry Operations Chip Kemp says. “We will get through this by coming together and helping each other out wherever we can.”

Founded in 1968, the American Simmental Association is headquartered in Bozeman, MT. ASA is committed to leveraging technology, education, and collaboration to accelerate genetic profitability for the beef industry. In keeping with its commitment, ASA, along with its partners, formed International Genetic Solutions — the world's largest genetic evaluation of beef cattle. Learn more at

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