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Timing is Everything

August 27, 2020 Industry News ASA
By Dr. Rachel Endecott, Director of DNA Research Management | Management for a short postpartum interval can improve cow stayability. In a perfect world, first-calf heifers would calve in the first 21 days of the calving season, breed back in the first 21…

The School of Hard Knocks

August 13, 2020 Industry News ASA
By Luke Bowman Director of Member Events and International Operations | I want to share an important lesson I learned this past year — a lesson I learned the hard way. It was grass time around the farm back in Indiana. The calves were a couple months old, the…

BIF Releases New Guidelines for Performance Evaluation

Angie Stump Denton, Kansas State University Extension     |      

BIF announces Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement Programs ( CCA )

Since its establishment in 1968, the primary purpose of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has been to bring standardization to performance testing and evaluation. In keeping with this mission, BIF is proud to unveil the latest version of its Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement Programs. After nine printed editions, the Guidelines have been reinvented in a web-based Wiki format, which can be found at

“This new format allows the Guidelines to be continually updated to keep pace with the rapidly evolving field of objectively evaluating beef cattle,” explains BIF President Tommy Clark.

According to Darrh Bullock, BIF eastern regional vice president and chairman of the Guidelines committee, says, “The overall result is a more dynamic set of Guidelines that will enhance and rejuvenate BIF’s contribution to the industry. It achieves the goal of returning the Guidelines to its role of standardization rather than just documentation. Overall, these re-imagined Guidelines will again make BIF the first place people will go when looking at enhancing their breed improvement program.”

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