Wanted! Dead or Alive, or Sold. It's Time to Update Your Spring Inventory

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Wanted! Dead or Alive, or Sold. It's Time to Update Your Spring Inventory


For those of you new to ASA’s Total Herd Enrollment program or looking to participate this upcoming year for the first time, the program ensures the most accurate prediction from the genetic evaluation so that both commercial and seedstock producers make more informed herd-selection decisions.

If you’re putting the time, effort, and money into collecting phenotypes, but not reporting them to the Association, you’re unable to capitalize on genetic improvements to produce more profitable cattle. 

As a cow-inventory reporting program, THE is designed to gather production, longevity, and fertility performance data on the whole cow herd. In exchange for vigilant data reporting, members enrolled in THE choose different cost-saving options that vary depending on the data being delivered on the yearly calf crop, benefiting from the most accurate EPDs possible.  If THE sounds like something you would like to be part of, give ASA a call today.

2021 Spring THE Enrollment Checklist

A spring calver is any female due to calve January 1-June 30, 2021

✓ Before you start your inventory print/tear out the most up to date instructions and enrollment codes found in the November Register or found here.

✓ Each cow listed on the preliminary inventory will need an enrollment code or a removal code. (don’t just delete her from the job or list) 

✓ Add any missing cow by ASA number.

✓ Submit completed enrollment by December 15, 2020, to avoid late-enrollment penalties.

✓ Before you enroll make sure you have met all calf data reporting requirements for dams enrolled in seasons prior to Spring 2020.

✓ There are three methods to submit enrollment (Instructions Here)

  • Online Enrollment Job
  • Uploading Excel Spreadsheet
  • Paper Enrollment

✓Have any questions after reading the instructions? Contact ASA.

  • E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Fax to 406.587.9301
  • Post mail with a postmark on or before December 15, 2020


Helpful Hints

❖ If you are enrolling females that are not recorded in your member number, (owned by juniors or in a partnership), please add them to your inventory by their ASA registration numbers, not tattoos.

❖ If you own a donor or recipient female and they are managed within your herd, enroll those females with the appropriate codes. (If the donor or recipient female is not managed within your herd, do not place them on your inventory.)

❖ When placing a Removal code on a dam (60-82), make sure to place an N in the “A/B/C/D/N” column.  The N stands for not enrolling.

❖ Make sure to follow your enrollment job all the way through to submission to ASA. To check if the job has been completed:

  • Select Data Entry
  • Select Online
  • Select Incomplete Jobs (third tab down on the left-hand side)
  • If the job is still listed with a button labeled Resume, it is INCOMPLETE. Select Resume and submit the job through completion.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office for assistance in completing your job.


Fact or Fiction:

Fiction: If I don't submit an inventory to enroll my dams in Spring 2021 and I was enrolled in Spring 2020, ASA will assume I no longer wish to participate and not late-enroll my herd.

Fact: If an inventory is not received by December 15, then all of the dams listed on your preliminary inventory will be late-enrolled at the cost of $16.00/each ($15.00 enroll fee plus a $1.00 late fee) and you will have until Feb 15, 2021 to adjust the inventory, receiving full credit for any removed dams. If you do not adjust the inventory by then the enrollment is considered to be correct and final.


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