How to Get the Most From The Genetic Evaluation

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How to Get the Most From The Genetic Evaluation

Total Herd Enrollment ensures the most accurate prediction from the genetic evaluation so that both commercial and seedstock producers make more informed selection decisions.

If you’re putting the time, effort, and money into collecting phenotypes, but not reporting them to the Association, you’re unable to capitalize on genetic improvements to produce more profitable cattle. The American Simmental Association has the solution — Total Herd Enrollment (THE). When you enroll in the THE program, you ensure the most accurate prediction from the genetic evaluation so you can make more informed herd-selection decisions.

As a cow-inventory reporting program, THE is designed to gather production, longevity, and fertility performance data on the whole cow herd. In return, you receive direct benefits from investing in a program to help you make the most informed selection decisions for your operation’s future.

THE is Tailored for Any Cattle Producer:

■ Who needs EPDs on the whole calf crop to make informed selection decisions, or

■ Who collects data on the whole calf crop but has minimal registrations, or

■ Who only needs EPDs for replacement heifer selections, or

■ Who runs cows that are registered, commercial, or other breeds.

Total Herd Enrollment Direct Returns

■ Data Cost Savings — There are four different cost-saving options that vary depending on the data being delivered on the yearly calf crop.

■ Receive More Informative EPDs — Reporting complete contemporary groups leads to more informative EPDs, adjusted measurements, and herd reports, ultimately removing the bias in selection decisions.

■ Improve and Develop Female Records — A reproductive record on every cow, every year improves and develops female-oriented EPDs, such as Stayability and Heifer Pregnancy. It will also enable an accurate calving interval to be calculated.

■ More Genetic Awareness — Combining two major components of genetic awareness — pedigree knowledge and individual performance — with the IGS Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation will provide more information on an individual animal basis.

■ Contribution to Genetic Improvement — By submitting whole contemporary groups, more informative data is entered into the genetic evaluation each week, improving the timeliness of informed breeding decisions and replacement selections for your herd and the whole Sim-Genetic population.

■ Performance Advocate Recognition — Breeders who submit 90% of their entire calf-crop contemporary group on eight of the fourteen traits qualify as a tier-one Performance Advocate. THE herds with 90% of the records on 10 out of the 13 traits qualify for the higher tier system. Those who meet this designation are highlighted in the Late Fall SimTalk and online.


Better beef is created by making more timely, informed decisions. Evaluate your herd goals and select the option that will best suit your operation’s needs. Whether you are a seedstock or commercial producer, one of the Total Herd Enrollment options is bound to be a fit for you! If you have questions or wish to discuss your specific herd goals please call ASA at 406-587-4531 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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