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Industry News

Beefing up dairy cattle with beef genetics: Dairy Industry Enters New Era of Value-added Feeder Cattle

January 15, 2021 Industry News ASA
Dr. Bob Hough and Frank Padilla, WLJ correspondents No matter how you look at it, the dairy industry has been a tough business to be a part of with razor-thin margins—and that is when dairies have been able to sell their milk at a profit at all. This has led…

Maximum Carcass Knowledge - Leverage CMP and CXP in Customers' Herds

January 09, 2021 Industry News ASA
By Lane Giess, Director of Commercial & Nontraditional Data Programs We get it, your bull buyers are the reason for your success. They’ve bought into your breeding program and trust that your genetics are going to help make them more profitable cattle…

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