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Trustee Election Ballots Have Been Mailed

Participate in the selection of members who serve on the ASA Board of Trustees by voting online or by paper ballot.  If you are sending in your paper ballot, use the enclosed envelope addressed to The Chairman of the Tellers. Please do not send it to the ASA office. We cannot forward it for you.

Here are the 2020 Trustee candidates. Please take the time to get to know them.

Sales and Results

09/19/2019 Walsh Simmental’s “The Final Chapter” Dispersal Sale
09/15/2019 Illini Elite Sale 
08/31/2019 Four Starr Simmentals’ 2nd Annual Production Sale
03/27/2019 Diamond H Ranch Annual Production Sale
03/23/2019 T Heart Ranch Sale
03/21/2019 3C Christensen Simmental Ranch & NLC Ranch Annual Production Sale
03/06/2019 The Gathering at Shoal Creek
03/16/2019 Red Hill Farms More Than A Bull XIV Sale
03/07/2019 Keller Broken Heart Ranch Annual Production Sale
02/27/2019 C Diamond Simmentals’ 13th Annual Sale
02/18/2019 Bulls of the Big Sky
02/15/2019 Dakota Xpress Annual Bull and Female Sale
02/15/2019 R&R Cattle Company’s Annual Production Sale 
02/13/2019 River Creek farms' Spring Bull Sale
02/13/2019 Wilkinson Farms Simmentals 21st Annual Production Sale
02/12/2019 Bichler Simmentals’ 2019 Annual Production Sale
02/09/2009 Kenner Simmental Ranch’s 23rd Annual Sale
02/09/2009 Rydeen Farms 21st Annual Production Sale
02/09/2009 Bred For Balance Annual Sale
02/08/2019 TNT Simmentals’ 34th Annual “Genetic Explosion” Sale
02/07/2019 Stavick Simmentals Annual Bull Sale
02/06/2019 Begger’s Diamond V Ranch Bull Sale
02/06/2019 Lazy C Diamond’s Inaugural Sale
02/04/2019 Gateway Simmental 39th Annual Production Sale
02/02/2019 Springer Simmentals’ Sale of Value-Based Genetics
01/27/2019 Triangle J Ranch’s 29th Annual Bull Sale
01/26/2019 Double J Farms’ 45th Annual Bull Sale
01/26/2019 J&C Simmentals 24th Annual Sale
01/25/2019 Ellingson Simmentals Expect Excellence 19th Annual Production Sale
12/08/2018 North Dakota Simmental Association Classic Sale
12/01/2018 Jewels of the Northland
11/04/2018 Triangle J Ranch’s Harvest Select Sale
11/03/2018 Irvine Ranch Annual Production Sale
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