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Ultrasound Certification and Data Submission Requirements

Certification Requirements:  Ultrasound measurement provides an effective means to improve the accuracy of your carcass EPDs.  If you don’t submit your data to the ASA, however, it is essentially of no value for genetic evaluation and improvement.  If you spend money to ultrasound you might as well get your data collected in the manner required for submission to the ASA.

The ASA requires that all ultrasound data be collected by an Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) Certified Field Technician and read by a UGC Certified Interpreter - usually a lab technician.  This can be accomplished by selecting a UGC certified field technician that submits their images to a centralized processing lab for interpretation.  The lab then forwards the results to the ASA.  The ASA also accepts data directly from technicians who are UGA certified to both scan and interpret.

UGC Certified Field Technician Information
Download List of Certified Technicians
UGC Centralized Ultrasound Processing Labs
UGC website 

ASA Ultrasound Age range is from 270-500 days for both males and females.

Data Submission Requirements: Your technician will require an ASA generated list (barnsheet) of the animals you plan to have processed prior to scanning them.  Barnsheets can be obtained by logging onto your Herdbook account and clicking on the barnsheet icon (under the My Herd category).  Several options are then available to sort the animals you plan to have scanned onto your barnsheet.  When the appropriate animals to be scanned are stored, you can print a copy of the barnsheet for yourself as well as electronically submit a copy to the processing lab of your choice.  Animals must be on file with the ASA to appear on your barnsheet.

For Ultrasound Data to process accurately the following needs to be considered:

  • ASA must have weaning data on file in order to get adjusted ultrasound calculations.

  • Animals have to be contemporaries at weaning in order to be contemporaries at ultrasound.

  • Animals outside of the age range (270-500 days) for ultrasound will not get ultrasound adjustments.

  • A twin will be grouped by itself at ultrasound, same as other traits.



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