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  • Tips for Successful Vaccination Programs | 19 July 2019
  • Spring 2018 Calf Reporting – Are you in Compliance? | 18 July 2019
  • Fall 2019 – Late Enrollment | 17 July 2019
  • Watch the Webinar: Data Driven Value Now | 15 July 2019
  • The Rapidly Evolving Beef-On-Dairy Segment | 15 July 2019
  • IGS Implements a New Multi-breed Imputation Pipeline | 08 July 2019
  • Welfare Crisis: Prepare and Respond | 07 July 2019

Industry News

Tips for Successful Vaccination Programs

July 19, 2019 Industry News ASA
Successful vaccination depends on three critical factors: an effective vaccine, a functioning immune system, and administration of the vaccine before exposure to the disease. A vaccine may be ineffective if it is mishandled, if a booster is required but not given, or because of antigenic differences between the vaccine and field strains of the microorganism…

Announcements and Events

Fall 2019 – Late Enrollment

July 17, 2019 Events ASA
If you participated in Fall 2018 THE and ASA did not receive a completed inventory for Fall 2019 by June 15, 2019, your herd has been late enrolled for Fall…

ASA Spotlight

ASA Represented at 2019 Young Cattlemen’s Conference

July 15, 2019 ASA Spotlight ASA
After ten days of intensive leadership training and a three-city tour which showcased every facet of the beef industry, 60 beef leaders have successfully completed NCBA’s 2019 Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC). The event, which is sponsored by Corteva…

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Women of ASA

Down to the Genes Series

Photo credit: Southern Cattle Company

DNA Samples With No Paperwork Are Guaranteed to Delay Genomically-enhanced EPDs

June 06, 2019 DNA
By Rachel Endecott Imagine this scenario: you plan to send DNA samples in on a group of animals for a genomic panel because you wish to get genomically-enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) on those animals. You contact ASA’s DNA Department and receive your paperwork to send with the samples. But then you remember those two additional samples in your office you’ve collected but haven’t gotten tested yet…surely…

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Featured Photo

DNA samples with no paperwork are guaranteed to delay genomically-enhanced EPDs. Click to learn more. Photo by Hannah Wine.

Photo by Jared Whareham

You can also submit your SimGenetic cattle photos to ASA Publication at and you could see your photo here and on our social media outlets.  You might even find your photo on the cover of our magazines! 

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Simbrah-SimGenetics Summit for 2019

Graham Land & Cattle feedyard Friday, October 18, 2019 in Gonzales, TX

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Sire Souce 2019

"We hear about advancements in genetics from Trans Ova Genetics.  The 27th Annual Video Royale Sale hosted by Superior Livestock is coming up.  We bring you an update.  The boys share stories about the sunning slopes long ago and so much more.  Join us for the next episode of The Working Ranch Radio Show!"



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