ASA Board of Trustee ballots have been mailed. Electronic voting starts November 15th.
Login information along with your unique passcode is located on your paper ballot. We encourage all to vote electronically. 

If you are registered in our system as an online voter you have received an email from that contains the voting link and login information that you need to vote.

Deadlines:  Paper ballots must be received in the Chairman of the Teller's office on or before December 15, 2017.  Electronic Voting will close at midnight on December 15.

Please get to know your candidates by  cicking here.

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Industry News

  • Mochi “Mo” Richert, the peanut butter loving St Bernard from South Dakota, has out-licked her competition and is verified with Guinness World Records as the Longest tongue on a dog (current).Owners, Craig and Carla Richert accompanied by their rescued dog visited the ASA Headquarters recently. Read their story here.                                                       Carla, Craig and Mochi Richert
  • Greg Henderson     |    November 8, 2017     The World Health Organization, in direct conflict with U.S. policy, released recommendations regarding the use of antibiotics in agriculture. The WHO’s new guidelines are aimed at curbing the rise of global antibiotic resistance, and WHO asks the world’s farmers to help by changing the way they raise their animals. Specifically, the WHO’s new guidelines detail how farmers should use “medically important” antibiotics, noting that many farmers have been overusing antibiotics on animals to promote growth and prevent illness. That overuse, WHO says, has led to the development of new strains of infectious bacteria that have become resistant to modern medicines.  Continue reading.  
  • ASA Board of Trustees' Election.   Paper Ballots Mailed - Electronic Ballots, email were sent November 15.  Ballots are sent to adult members who have paid their annual service fee and registered or transferred at least one animal within the last two years.  Paper ballots were mailed on Thursday. Deadline to vote: paper ballots must be received at the Chairman of the Teller's office on or before December 15. Your paper ballot will have instructions for you to vote electronically if so desired. We encourage you to use the electronic option. By voting electronically you will receive a receipt to acknowledge that your vote has been received and there is no worry whether the postal service delivered your ballot on time.  Electronic ballots, a notice from BigPulse will eMail on November 15. Deadline to vote:   midnight on December 15. Eastern Region   Click here for Candidate Profiles. Jim Ligon, Cookeville, Tennessee: Click here for campaign letter. Cliff Orley, Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Click here for campaign letter. Fred
  • "We are elated to have Dr. Endecott joining our team. She will certainly bring a unique dimension to our already potent youth development programs, as her breadth of experience and educational background is extraordinary. " ~ Wade Shafer Rachel Endecott Dr. Rachel Endecott has been hired to fulfill the position of Director of Youth Development and Special Projects. Endecott grew up on a red baldy cow-calf operation near Ennis, MT, and remains an integral part of the operation. She received her B.S. in Animal Science at Montana State University (MSU) and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition at New Mexico State University. She has served as the MSU Extension Beef Cattle Specialist located off campus in Miles City, MT, for five and a half years, in addition to Beef Cattle Specialist in Bozeman since 2012. Endecott's Extension program focused on adult and youth education in beef cattle nutrition, genetics, reproduction, and management. She also administered the statewide 4-H/FFA


November 2017 - Join us at the NAILE
Watch LIVE Stream on Facebook:
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Junior Purebred Simmental Show:
Nov. 11, 2017
Following the Main Trainer Show at 8:00 am
Judge: Tyler Cates of Modoc, IN
Nov. 12, 2017
Junior SimAngusTM/SimSolutions Show at 8:00 am Broadbent Arena
Judge: Tom Hawk of Earlville, IL

Please note the time for Nov. 12. The program has 9:00 it is at 8:00 am.

Cow Herd DNA Roundup


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