ASA Board of Trustee ballots has been mailed. Electronic voting starts November 15th.
The trustee election closes on December 15.  Paper ballots must arrive at the Chairman of the Teller on or before December 15. 
We encourage you to vote electronically to ensure your vote(s) arrives on time.  
Login information along with your unique passcode is located on your paper ballot. We encourage all to vote electronically. 

If you are registered in our system as an online voter you have received an email from that contains the voting link and login information that you need to vote.

Deadlines:  Paper ballots must be received in the Chairman of the Teller's office on or before December 15, 2017.  Electronic Voting will close at midnight on December 15.

Please get to know your candidates by  cicking here.

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  • By Wade Shafer, Ph.D., ASA Executive Vice President     |      Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2008 issue of the SimTalkwritten by Wade Shafer, Ph.D. Drs. Lauren Hyde and Jackie Atkins provided updates for reprint.     |      A beef cow’s job is not an easy one. She is expected to conceive at slightly over one year of age, to calve by the time she is two, and rebreed shortly after that while weaning a healthy, viable calf. Furthermore, we demand that she consistently repeats this cycle for the rest of her life — one stumble and, hasta la vista, baby! To be sure, producers are best served when the cow successfully performs her task for many years, as the longer her productive life, the more profitable she is to the enterprise. Is there anything that can be done to help her out? Certainly, there are environmental factors we can manage that will give her a leg up. For example, by providing adequate nutrition
  • By ASA's Genetic Evaluation Team      |          Change can be a scary concept to some yet sought after by others. Many ASA members and International Genetic Solution (IGS) partners wonder about the changes on the horizon once BOLT is fully implemented. That change may be nerve racking but in reality, things should change. Why invest in new and improved methods if you get the same answers? Here are key changes to expect with the new genetic evaluation: 1. Movement of EPDs and reranking. EPDs will change especially in younger, lower accuracy cattle. Members should expect movement in lower accuracy cattle, as seen in the existing evaluations, because they may have new progeny data reported. Some cattle will move in a favorable direction while others will do the opposite. Keep in mind even if the EPDs get worse, the prediction of them is more accurate. With enough calves and phenotypes, the current evaluation would eventually arrive
  • Those of you who have submitted DNA samples for EPD incorporation have been receiving reports with your animals' EPDs before and after incorporation (MBV reports) for the last several years.  We have now discontinued MBV reports.    The major reason for ceasing the reports is that, as we make our transition to high frequency (e.g., weekly) runs with our new genetic evaluation software (BOLT), these reports will no longer be relevant.  Because we will be adding all the new phenotypes and genotypes that have been submitted since the prior week, the changes between runs will be due to a myriad of reasons (e.g., new phenotypes on an animal or related animals, new DNA on an animal or related animals, etc.), rather than change being limited to DNA results on the animal.  Because of this, it won't be unusual for animals that have not had information submitted directly on them to change.      For those of you who are interested in
  • ASA Board of Trustees' Election.   Paper Ballots Mailed - Electronic Ballots, email were sent November 15.  Ballots are sent to adult members who have paid their annual service fee and registered or transferred at least one animal within the last two years.  Paper ballots were mailed on Thursday. Deadline to vote: paper ballots must be received at the Chairman of the Teller's office on or before December 15. Your paper ballot will have instructions for you to vote electronically if so desired. We encourage you to use the electronic option. By voting electronically you will receive a receipt to acknowledge that your vote has been received and there is no worry whether the postal service delivered your ballot on time.  Electronic ballots, a notice from BigPulse will eMail on November 15. Deadline to vote:   midnight on December 15. Eastern Region   Click here for Candidate Profiles. Jim Ligon, Cookeville, Tennessee: Click here for campaign letter. Cliff Orley, Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Click here for campaign letter. Fred


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