Our Mission

Our Mission

  The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our members.   In turn, our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the beef industry.  The highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products, which bring value to ASA members’ customers.
Our Mission

Our Mission

  The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our members.   In turn, our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the beef industry.  The highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products, which bring value to ASA members’ customers.
Our Vision

Our Vision

The American Simmental Association believes the best way to serve its members, its members’ customers and the beef industry is through continual improvement and use of genetic and associated technologies.   As such, the Association will continue to be a worldwide leader in the development and integration of these technologies for the beef industry.  The Association will initiate and foster relationships with like-minded entities to enhance our ability to achieve this objective.  The Association will be widely recognized as having an unyielding commitment to scientific principles and as a hub for the industry's most progressive seed stock producers  –  an organization that is extremely cooperative with all facets of the industry and devoted to the success of its members and its members' customers.
ASA Headquarters Grand Opening

ASA Headquarters Grand Opening

Grand Opening / Fall Focus / ASA Board Meeting August 21-23, 2016    /     Register at www.Fall Focus.org 
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Brand Yourself in Simmental HistoryAMERICAN SIMMENTAL-SIMBRAH FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES FUNDRAISING DRIVE:  The American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation board begins a launch of a fundraising drive titled "Brand Yourself in Simmental History". The opportunity offers the ability to be included in the American Simmental Association's (ASA) newly built office building and landscaping. Several levels of sponsorship exist offering different recognition including receiving your ranch brand hanging in the building. Click for more information.

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The American Simmental-Simbrah Foundation board begins a launch of a fundraising drive titled "Brand Yourself in Simmental History". The opportunity offers the ability to be included in the American Simmental Association's (ASA) newly built office building and landscaping. Several levels of sponsorship exist including receiving your ranch brand ...
19 July 2016
It will be here before you know it!   What happens on August 1? The ASA database closes and the top Performance Advocate Breeders are selected! We will be looking at data submitted for 2014 Fall born and 2015 Spring born. How are they selected? By looking at their Performance Advocate Score. Those whose scores range from 500 - 600: ...
19 July 2016
By Warren Rusche iGrow   |    July 11, 2016       Successfully managing drought conditions requires balancing the amount of forage demanded by grazing livestock with the amount produced. Early weaning can be a very effective tool for accomplishing that objective in the right circumstances. Management Strategy: Early weaning There is an ...
12 July 2016
It’s hard to ignore an article titled, “Meat is horrible.”  Written by Rachel Premack for The Washington Post, the op-ed opens with the line, “It may be delicious, but the evidence is accumulating that meat, particularly red meat, is just a disaster for the environment — and not so great for human beings, too.” The article is riddled with so ...
12 July 2016
We have introduced a new Herdbook feature set called “Active Herd” which allows you to create and maintain informal records for your animals. You are able to add new animals or import your existing (reported) animals into custom animal groups and, once animals are created from scratch or imported, you are able to select an animal for which you can ...
24 June 2016
ASA has succeeded in our effort to overturn US patents 8,660,888 and 8,725,557, which were granted to Leachman Cattle Company of Colorado.  The patents conveyed to Leachman the exclusive right to determine animals' economic value based on genetics.    ASA's Board of Trustees stepped up to the plate to protect the right of our members', and that ...
21 June 2016
Do you live in the Gulf Coast region or the Fescue Belt?  If so, the University of Missouri has a deal for you!  The University of Missouri is looking to exchange GGPF250 testing for each animal with a hair shedding score (commitment of 3 years of data collection).  The University of Missouri will share those genotypes with the ASA and ultimately ...
29 April 2016
The board of trustees passed a resolution to offer a 50% off rebate on GGPLD testing in exchange for either feed intake and/or carcass data.  Members will receive one 50% of price discount per carcass or feed intake record submitted.  Records must be valid for use in our genetic evaluation (must be at least two sires represented and the animals ...
24 June 2016
GeneSeek launched the new red coat variant test, called Red Charlie.  Breeders interested in coat color testing on a red charlie suspect animal  need to order both the regular coat color test and the red charlie test to have a complete picture of the animal’s genotype for coat color. The Red Charlie test will cost $7.00 in addition to the ...
13 May 2016
By Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Extension     |        Summer time often brings a few infectious ailments to beef cows. Common problems include eye infections and foot rot. Treatment of affected cows will often involve the use of antibiotics. On very rare occasions violative residues of pharmaceutical products have been found in ...
22 June 2016
By P.J. Huffstutter, Reuters     |      U.S. lawmakers are investigating whether U.S. Environmental Protection Agency staff influenced the World Health Organization's review of glyphosate and its finding that the herbicide probably causes cancer, according to a letter sent to the agency on Tuesday. The letter from the U.S. House of ...
09 June 2016
The Stock Exchange News  |   Summary: Selection indices provide a single value, usually reported in dollars, for the selection of breeding stock that optimizes selection on a number of traits the define profit in a particular production scenario. Selection indexes simplify selection by weighting EPDs by appropriate economic values to estimate ...
11 March 2016
The upcoming webinar will feature the insights of industry experts; Kent Bacus, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Director of International Trade and Market Access; and Dan Halstrom, U.S. Meat Export Federation Senior Vice President of Global Marketing. Join the free webinar to hear an update on the current state of beef trade, policy issues ...
20 May 2016
Friday, August 19    |    Register now at www.fallfocus.org   |    Tour the New ASA Headquarters with an evening BBQ at the new ASA Headquarters.   August 20, 2016  Teaming Technology with Tradition Speaker line-up:   Patrick Hatfield, Chair of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences, Montana State University Wade Shafer, ...
09 May 2016
American Cattlemen   |   Published March 14, 2016    |    Cattle producers are always searching for answers to the question, “How do I improve my bottom line?” It’s a difficult question to answer, especially if, as a producer, you are making the decisions all on your own. The good news is there are organizations out there now that can off er ...
10 April 2016

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  • How to Generate a Barn Sheet

    Profit Through Data Jul 19, 2016 | 15:33 pm

    How to Generate a Barn Sheet *Animals must be on file with ASA to appear on the barn sheet.*  A barn sheet is a worksheet designed to help collect data at chute side.  When you submit your request for a barn sheet, the lab will receive[…]

  • How to Register a Foundation Cow or Bull

    Profit Through Data Jul 6, 2016 | 16:03 pm

    How to Register a Foundation Cow or Bull Any animal that is registered with another breed association is eligible for registration with ASA, this is called a foundation animal. Foundation registration is an in-house process. To start the registration process, please submit a copy of the primary Association’s[…]

  • DNA – What Testing Does ASA Offer?

    Profit Through Data Apr 18, 2016 | 12:22 pm

    DNA – What Testing Does ASA Offer? Leoma Wells, DNA and Total Herd Enrollment Specialist for the American Simmental Association, explains what DNA testing ASA offers and which one you should request, on  Have you Herd, ASA’s THE and DNA blog.  To read the full article, click the link below.[…]


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RA Brown Ranch's 42nd Annual Bull and Female Sale
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RA Brown Ranch's 42nd Annual Bull and Female Sale
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Gibbs Farms' 11th Annual Bull & Replacement Female Sale
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12 Nov 2016
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Moser Ranch 25th Annual Bull Sale
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12 Nov 2016
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