2018 Marks ASA's 50th Anniversary 
"Embrace the Past, Imagine the Future"
To celebrate, we will share historical photographs and documents, like this cover of the 1971 National Sire Summary, an industry first.  Past and present members are encouraged to share their memories and photos on Facebook or Twitter by using the hashtags #mysimmentalstory #fiftyyearsofsimmental.
Send email to editor@simmgene.com or mail copies of items you would like to share to:
American Simmental Association    |   1 Genetics Way. Bozeman, MT 59718

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  • Mark your calendars and join the upcoming sessions:    January 18, 2018, 7 p.m. CT "Fake News: EPDs Don't Work", Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam and Dr. Matthew Spangler.   February 22, 2018 "Show me the money! Are there EPDs for profit?", Dr. Darrh Bullock and Dr. Jared Decker   March 22, 2018 "The 4 S's of crossbreeding: simple, structured, successful, and sustainable", Dr. Robert Weaber and Dr. Megan Rolf   April 19, 2018 "Putting the tools to use: buying your next bull", the eBEEF team Please visit ebeef.org and beefusa.org for updates and registration information.   http://www.beefusa.org/cattlemenswebinarseries.aspx
  • Commercial producers have limited tools for replacement heifer selection. Now, they can access tools seedstock folks have to predict cow longevity and ability to produce calves with built-in value.       Beef Magazine.com      |      Commercial producers have limited tools for replacement heifer selection. Now, they can access tools seedstock folks have to predict cow longevity and ability to produce calves with built-in value.  A large portion of our industry has been forced to sit idly by while a small subset of beef producers take advantage of ever-increasing improvements in genetic selection tools.  Recent advances have provided seedstock producers with a whole host of EPDs, indexes, and DNA technologies that allow them to make a more rapid change than ever before.  While this brings some unsettled waters to navigate, we all know we have to continue to up our game if we are going to compete with other animal protein sources that have huge biological and
  • By Wade Shafer, Ph.D., ASA Executive Vice President     |      Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2008 issue of the SimTalkwritten by Wade Shafer, Ph.D. Drs. Lauren Hyde and Jackie Atkins provided updates for reprint.     |      A beef cow’s job is not an easy one. She is expected to conceive at slightly over one year of age, to calve by the time she is two, and rebreed shortly after that while weaning a healthy, viable calf. Furthermore, we demand that she consistently repeats this cycle for the rest of her life — one stumble and, hasta la vista, baby! To be sure, producers are best served when the cow successfully performs her task for many years, as the longer her productive life, the more profitable she is to the enterprise. Is there anything that can be done to help her out? Certainly, there are environmental factors we can manage that will give her a leg up. For example, by providing adequate nutrition
  • By ASA's Genetic Evaluation Team      |          Change can be a scary concept to some yet sought after by others. Many ASA members and International Genetic Solution (IGS) partners wonder about the changes on the horizon once BOLT is fully implemented. That change may be nerve racking but in reality, things should change. Why invest in new and improved methods if you get the same answers? Here are key changes to expect with the new genetic evaluation: 1. Movement of EPDs and reranking. EPDs will change especially in younger, lower accuracy cattle. Members should expect movement in lower accuracy cattle, as seen in the existing evaluations, because they may have new progeny data reported. Some cattle will move in a favorable direction while others will do the opposite. Keep in mind even if the EPDs get worse, the prediction of them is more accurate. With enough calves and phenotypes, the current evaluation would eventually arrive


2018 Annual Meeting & Events

Cow Herd DNA Roundup



Industry Events

31 Jan 2018
30 May 2018
25 Aug 2018
Fall Focus Educational Symposium and 50th Anniversary Celebration
Aug. 25-29

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