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30 June 2015

Pictured:  Members Phil and Jeanne Rucker, Hamptonville, NC

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ASA Membership Forms

Adult Membership Application

Junior Membership Application

Membership Change Form


Animal Registration Forms 

Registration Application

Data Registration key

Lease Notification Form

Self-billing Worksheet

Standard Codes



DNA Testing Forms


DNA Pricing and DNA Test Information

Click here for information regarding testing prices and information 

PDF Pricing Form


DNA Testing Request Form

Fill out form with all the required information and email/mail/fax to ASA.

Click here for more information on how to order kit.

Do you have a kit on hand?  Fill out this form and email to ASA.   DO NOT  mail this form with samples to lab! This is not official lab paperwork required for testing.


Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) can be requested through ASA by phone/email. TSU kits come in bundles of 10 sampling units.  

Click here for more information on ordering TSU.


How To Collect Samples

Collecting Blood Samples

Collecting Hair Samples

Collecting Allflex TSU Samples


Report Results from lab outside of ASA

Please forward results you received from the lab, these need to be official results. Include registration number of the tested animal. Results without registration numbers will experience delays in being updated.


Genetic Abnormality Reporting Form

Phone ASA immediately to report incident and take multiple photos of affected calf. Then fill out this  form and mail/email/fax to ASA.


What to Expect When Submitting DNA Samples

Click here for more information on what to expect when DNA testing animals through ASA.


 AJSA Forms

Trustee Nomination Form

Merit Award Program Guidelines

Bronze Merit Award Application

Silver Merit Award Application

Gold Merit Award Application



Authorized Representatives of a Membership

  1. The same privileges and responsibilities exists for all individuals listed as representatives for a membership. ASA makes no distinction (exception: item 2 below) between authorized representatives or between authorized representatives and owners, managers, primary representative.


  1. The one exception to item 1: the primary representative has final authorization if a question or conflict arises between representatives. Every membership has a primary representative, either listed as primary or if no primary representative listed (as on older membership) it is the first person listed for the membership. The primary representative must request/sign off on changes to authorized representatives and changes to the membership name.


  1. Any representative on behalf of the membership can:

    1. submit data and registration requests

    2. submit transfer request

    3. request other Association services

    4. requests reports and data extracts

    5. make corrections to existing data

    6. incur fees and charges to the membership

    7. change address, telephone numbers, email, ASA log on password


  1. All authorized representatives are responsible for the accuracy of information supplied by that membership and for the conduct of actions taken on behalf of that membership. All authorized representatives can be individually and/or collectively disciplined as a result of disciplinary action against the membership.




Annual Service Fees

The American Simmental Association has implemented an annual service fee. There is a one-time setup fee of $50 for all new adult members. In addition, there is an annual service fee of $110, based on our fiscal year of July 1 – June 30. If you join ASA in the first half of our fiscal year (July 1- Dec 30) we require you to pay the entire $110 fee. If you join in the second half of the fiscal year (Jan 1 – June 30) we only require that you pay $55 (half of the service fee). All annual service fees are billed at the start of our fiscal year, July 1. To remain active and receive membership benefits you must pay this annual service fee each year.

Adult Membership $110/year

Junior Membership $50/year

Household Membership $160/year
(for multiple memberships billed at a single address)

Download Self Billing Worksheet

This fee includes a subscription to the Register, the official publication of ASA, and access to ASA's registration and performance system.

Questions or Comments? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The American Simmental Association would like to thank you for joining our Association.

At the ASA, we take our mission statement seriously,

The success of the American Simmental Association is dependent on the success of our members. In turn, our members’ success is dependent on their cattle making an important and significant contribution to the beef industry. Our highest priority is to maintain and nurture services and products which bring value to ASA members customers.

We pride ourselves in the programs we have available for your advantage, and our friendly customer service staff are just a phone call away.  

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