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Director of Youth and PTP Programs - ASA is looking for applicants

Director of Youth and PTP Programs

The American Simmental Association may have an opening for you – if you enjoy working with youth and the social aspects of the beef industry.   ASA is looking for applicants who have experience in youth development and like working with the membership at social events and with agriculture and the industries that support it.  This person must understand and have leadership experiences with youth development in university, 4-H &/or FFA programs.

The deadline to submit your resume and references is February 15, 2016 to  Subject Line:  Director Youth and PTP Programs.


The main goals of this position are:

Youth Development. Enhance the life skills of ASA’s junior membership through leadership, business, networking, and communication training.  Enhance the beef industry awareness of the membership.

Progress through Performance (PTP) Shows and Social Interaction Events.

Encourage and support state associations and members who are involved in exhibiting cattle to use the PTP format.  Provide a social or interactive event during the four major PTP Shows.


Responsibilities of this position:

Youth Programs.

  • Coordinate and guide AJSA (Junior) Board to be self-sufficient and provide a platform for AJSA members to grow and understand all aspects of the beef industry.
  • Coordinate National Classic and provide support and direction for the Regional Classics.
  • Provide growth, leadership, and educational platforms (events) for all ASA junior membership.
  • Provide opportunities to develop life-skills.
  • ASA representation (involvement) with industry youth programs; FFA, 4-H, and youth programs through universities and other breed associations.

PTP Shows

  • Support and guide the four ASA recognized major shows each year.
  • Provide a social or interactive event at the four ASA recognized major shows each year.
  • Encourage and educate other SimGenetics shows to adopt the PTP program.

Full-time Position.  May be Bozeman based (must consider living in Bozeman, Montana).  Extensive Travel required.

Salary negotiable. Benefits discussed during interview.

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Proposed bylaw change: BYLAW AMENDMENT NO. 1

Proposed bylaw change: BYLAW AMENDMENT NO. 1 did not receive the required 75% of votes cast to amend an ASA bylaw; therefore, there will be no change to the definition of active membership status. To be considered an active member, your annual service fee must be current (paid) and you must have registered or transferred a minimum of one animal within the prior two years.

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Bulls of the Big Sky Feb. 15, 2016 View Catalog
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Shoal Creek Land & Cattle donates SC Antoinette C25 for Foundation Fundraiser - tsold at "The One" Sale in Denver

Shoal Creek Land & Cattle donates
SC Antoinette C25 for Foundation Fundraiser

SC Antoinette C25  sells on Jan. 18, 2016
During "The One"  Volume XXIII Sale in Denver, CO.
Shoal Creek Land & Cattle donated SC Antoinette C25 as a Foundation fundraiser, sold at The One XXIII sale on Jan 18. The heifer was purchased by a group of prominent breeders that believe in the future of our youth, including Sanders Ranch, Owen Brothers Cattle CO, The Gathering Sale, Eberspacher Ent Inc., Hudson Pines Farm, 102 River Ridge Simmental, Gerdes Show Cattle, Long Simmental, C-Mor Beef, Ferguson Show Cattle, Missouri Jr. Association, Ruby Cattle CO, JS Simmental, Gonsior Simmental, Tom Bros Simmental, Buddy Robertson, MO Simmental Association & Ozark Empire Fair Foundation, Shoal Creek Land & Cattle, and Grindstone Creek Farm. The total gathered was $20,000. The group offered this female back to resell and the gavel fell at $4,000 to HTP Simmentals and Hill Top Simmentals.
Get updated EPDs: ASA #3032795

2016 Winter Ranch Management 'Town Hall' Seminar ~ January

Ranch Management Seminars

2016 Winter Ranch Management "Town Hall' Seminar ~ January, February

2016 Winter Ranch Management Brochure

The seminar series, hosted in early 2016, will highlight best management and selection practices for beef producers. MANHATTAN, Kan. – Volatility in cattle prices and the regulatory environment has motivated many producers to seek information on ways to improve their operations profit potential through better management and selection. With that in mind, the 2016 K-State Winter Ranch Management Seminar Series will focus on best management practices for beef producers.

The series, which includes five meetings throughout Kansas, will feature the “town-hall style” two-way verbal exchange between Kansas’ cattle producers and K-State Research and Extension specialists. The Winter Ranch Management series will take place in January and early February. The series has a history of being a successful stretch of meetings, said Bob Weaber, cow-calf specialist for K-State Research and Extension and one of the series presenters.

Weaber, along with other state, district and local extension staff, will take part in the series to help answer producers’ questions about the Food and Drug Administration’s new Veterinary Feed Directive and antimicrobial stewardship, tools for beef sire selection, the effect of branding on beef product consumer satisfaction, and vitamin and mineral supplementation for the beef herd.

For more information contact:  Dr. Bob Weaber (785-532-1460;


Early Report on MARC Research
2016 YCC Announcement:

2016 YCC Announcement:

2016 will be the thirty-seventh year the tour has been conducted. This program has developed to such a level that these young men and women are heavily screened and only a few young industry leaders are able to attend. For an individual to participate in the YCC, he or she must be nominated by one of NCBA's affiliate members, be between the ages of 25 to 50 and be an NCBA member. - See more by clicking here.
The tour will begin in Denver with a comprehensive overview of the industry. The group will take an in-depth look at many of the issues affecting our industry and what NCBA is doing to address these issues on behalf of its members, plus receive a comprehensive view of market information from Cattle-Fax. The group will then travel to JBS Five Rivers' Kuner Feedyard, one of the nation's largest cattle feeding operations, a one-time capacity of over 100,000 head located in Northern Colorado. We will then tour the JBS Greeley facility, one of the nation's largest beef packing and processing plants. JBS will host the group and will be sharing with them their views of the beef industry from a processor standpoint. Chicago is the next destination. Here the group will visit the Chicago Board of Trade & OSI, Inc. one of the nation's premiere beef patty manufacturers. The participants will then travel to the nation's Capitol. Here they will get a chance to meet with their respective congressmen and senators. In addition, the group will visit with a number of regulatory agencies that make decisions affecting agriculture.



Spotlight on GGP-LD

Spotlight on GGP-LD
Jim Butcher
Last year Gateway Simmentals tested nearly their entire bull sale group with GGP-LD. When asked why they choose to invest in GGP-LD testing, Jim Butcher responded with the following:
1. It comes with parental validation. It is really nice to sell bulls without any surprises on pedigree down the road.
2. With genomics becoming a bigger part of the genetics puzzle, it is a good thing to have our genetics represented in the system.
3. Even though we have big contemporary groups, the subtle changes in EPDs within sire groups and the overall groups is very useful."

Spotlight on GGP-LD
Betsy Senter
"The beef industry, agricultural colleges, and breed associations in particular, are investing millions into research to make our selection easier and more effective. We, as breeders and producers, must learn to "trust" the science.  We have to turn our focus from just looking at a calf (phenotype) and look deeper (genomics).  "Trust" what the science can show you and "Invest" in your own herd!  That's what GGP-LD can do for your program!"

Spotlight on GGP-LD
Bob Weaber, Ph.D

“Using genomically enhanced EPD for selection of young breeding stock provides a level of precision and reliability that’s never been available to seedstock producers before.  By genotyping replacement heifer candidates, breeders can improve the heifers’ EPD accuracies about as much as the progeny data resulting from a female’s whole lifetime of production. The best part is you can know a replacement heifer’s estimate of genetic merit as if she’s been in production for years, all before she’s even weaned from her dam. Genotyping young bull candidates has the dual benefit of identifying those bulls that should be in the development pen and pointing to those individuals that offer truly unique and valuable genetic combinations. Your bull buyers benefit from the improved accuracy too! Using GE-EPDs with improved accuracy improves the reliability of the decisions breeders make and, ultimately, the rate of progress their selection program can achieve.”

A Cosmetic Genetic Trait Affecting Simmental Cattle Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)

A Cosmetic Genetic Trait
Affecting Simmental Cattle
Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)
For the past two and a half years, the American Simmental Association has been working with Dr. Jon Beever from the University of Illinois on a specific genetic condition called oculocutaneous hypopigmentation or OH. Animals with OH have uniformly light colored irises coupled with an unusual chocolate coat color. This is not a lethal condition. In fact, the effects of OH seem to be mainly cosmetic. OH is a simple recessive trait meaning an animal must inherit two copies of the mutation to display the trait.

Recently Dr. Beever has found the causative mutation and developed a diagnostic test for OH. Using this diagnostic, an archive of ~245 SimGenetic bulls were tested for OH. The incidence of this particular mutation is very low in the Simmental animals screened to date. The mutation can be traced back to an Angus bull, Sir WMS Warrant, which was likely misdiagnosed as a heterochromia irides HI carrier. Although this mutation possibly originated from the Angus breed, out of over 1,300 Angus animals tested, only one (Sir WMS Warrant) has been identified as a carrier of OH.

Due to the non-lethal nature of this condition and the low frequency of the mutation in the Simmental population, the ASA will not require any testing for the trait. The ASA will add OH to TraitTrac and OH test results will populate the pedigrees similar to other traits. This genetic trait will be treated the same as other largely cosmetic traits like coat color and horned/polled.

GeneSeek has included the marker for OH on the next generation of GGP bovine chip assays. As soon as GeneSeek launches the next GGP-HD and GGP-LD testing, ASA members will have access to these test results. Until that time, individual animals may be tested through Dr. Jonathan Beever at the University of Illinois (; 217-333-4194).
Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH)
Dr. Jon Beever, University of Illinois,
November, 2015

In the spring of 2012, the American Simmental Association (ASA) received an abnormality report indicating the occurrence of a newborn calf with "white-colored" eyes and a diluted hair coat (see picture at right). All the appropriate DNA samples were collected, used for the validation of parentage, and archived for future reference. Over the next two years, three additional calves were reported to the ASA with similar characteristics. Based on the recurrence of this trait, an investigation was initiated to establish whether the condition was genetic. DNA samples collected from the four affected calves were genotyped using the Neogen GGP-HD. The resulting genotypes were analyzed in contrast to the genotypes of ~80 Simmental sires. This analysis showed clear evidence that the condition is inherited as a recessive trait. Based on hese results, the DNA sequence for several genes was analyzed in each of the affected calves. Within one of these genes, a mutation was identified that is predicted to impair the function of the encoded protein. In fact, in mice, mutations within the same gene cause a very similar condition that is referred to as "chocolate", where black mice have a diluted coat color and beige-colored irises (or irides).

Further investigation, including the genotyping of frequently used sires, indicates the mutation is present at a relatively low frequency in the Simmental population. This is consistent with the very low frequency of affected calves reported over the three year period. Examination of carrier pedigrees reveals the Simmental bull, PVF-BF BF26 BLACK JOKER (ASA #1930631), as the most popular recent ancestor with DNA available for testing. However, several of the genotyped carriers do not have this sire in their pedigrees indicating the mutation could be significantly older. Considering this information and the prior description of similar traits in other breeds, namely heterochromia irides (HI) in Angus cattle, the possible origin of this mutation was investigated by obtaining samples from known HI carriers. Although there are very few DNA samples available from these older animals, a sample was obtained for the Angus sire SIR WMS WARRANT (AAA #9196894). Indeed, WARRANT was found to be a carrier of this newly identified mutation. Therefore, it is most likely that the mutation was introduced into the Simmental population by the use of Angus cattle during the development of black purebreds. The subsequent screening of more than 1,200 Angus sires indicates the mutation has most likely been eliminated from the current Angus population via pedigree selection in the early 1980s.

Based on these data, the scientific literature was reviewed in an effort to understand if there were documented features that clearly distinguish between the oculocutaneous hypopigmentation (OH) and heterochromia irides (HI) traits, both of which had been previously described. It is our opinion that the characteristics displayed by these affected Simmental calves is more representative of OH than it is of HI. Additionally, examination of the human and mouse literature also supports this designation. Thus, we suggest that if both phenotypes exist in the cattle population, WARRANT should be designated as an OH carrier. Further screening of current descendants of Angus HI carriers is being conducted but has not identified any additional carriers of this mutation within the Angus population.

Information contained in reports and literature from the 70s and 80s, and in these current Simmental cases, indicate that this abnormal phenotype has little or no effect on the viability or performance of affected individuals. However, in some cases, a possible sensitivity to light has been reported. Thus, we suggest this mutation be monitored similarly to other non-lethal traits such as coat color or horned/polled. As with any recessive condition, breeders can avoid the appearance of affected calves by restricting matings between carrier animals.

Feed Intake Project

The ASA Foundation's Feed Intake Project

  • -The collection of feed intake data is difficult and expensive—prohibitively so for most breeders.

  • -By working together, we can develop the means to leverage DNA in the genetic prediction of intake.

  • -ASA currently has intake records on roughly 3,500 head, collected largely on carcass merit program cattle fed at the University of Illinois.

  • -This project came to a close 5 years ago. Very little intake data have been submitted since the University of Illinois project.

  • -To develop effective DNA predictions, we must ramp up our collection of intake data.

  • -The ASA aims to collect feed intake data coupled with the carcass merit program starting in 2015 and we need your help.

  • -We ALL will benefit from the collection of this data—ASA members, member's customers and the industry.

  • -Donate to the American Simmental Simbrah Foundation earmarked for the Feed Intake Project and help make collecting feed intake data a reality for the ASA.


Call or email Fred Schuetze for more information. 817.894.0563

Upcoming Sales
  Date Title Location Map
  2/10/2016 River Creek Farms 26th Annual Production Sale Manhattan, KS map
  2/10/2016 Wilkinson Farms' Breeding for the Future Sale Napoleon, ND map
  2/11/2016 Lassle Ranch Simmentals 23rd Annual Production Sale Glendive, MT map
  2/12/2016 TNT Simmentals' 30th Annual "Genetic Explosion" Sale Almont, ND map
  2/12/2016 Hook Farms and Clear Springs Cattle Co. "Bred for Balance" Sale Tracy, MN map
  2/12/2016 Hart Simmental Beef Builder Bull Sale Frederick, SD map
  2/12/2016 Watertown Winter Farm Show & Sale Watertown, SD map
  2/12/2016 Bata/Olafson 19th Annual Joint Simmental Bull and Female Sale Rugby, ND map
  2/13/2016 Grass-Lunning Bulls-Eye Bonanza Sale LeRoy, MN map
  2/13/2016 Kenner Simmentals' 20th Annual Production Sale Leeds, ND map
  2/13/2016 Berger's Herdmasters SimAngus Hybrid Bull Sale North Platte, NE map
  2/14/2016 Rydeen Farms 18th Annual "Vision" Sale Clearbrook, MN map
  2/15/2016 Bulls of the Big Sky Billings, MT map
  2/16/2016 QBVJT Power By Design Sale Oakes, ND map
  2/19/2016 Dakota Xpress Annual Bull and Female Sale Mandan, ND map
  2/19/2016 Mader Ranches Bull Power Sale Carstairs, AB T0M, Canada map
  2/19/2016 R & R Cattle Company's Annual Production Sale Chamberlain, SD map
  2/19/2016 Cow Camp Ranch Annual Spring Bull Sale Lost Springs, KS map
  2/20/2016 Ellingson Simmentals' Annual Production Sale Rugby, ND map
  2/20/2016 Rhodes Angus Open House Bull Sale Carlinville, IL map
  2/20/2016 Sandy Acres Simmental Bull Sale Creighton, NE map
  2/20/2016 29th Annual "Genetics with the Holistic Approach" Sale Aberdeen, SD map
  2/20/2016 7P Ranch 22nd Annual Spring Bull Sale Tyler, TX map
  2/20/2016 Dixson Farms Inc., Private Treaty Sale Atwood, KS map
  2/25/2016 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale Springfield, IL map
  2/27/2016 Gold Bullion Group, 14th Annual Bull Sale Wamego, KS map
  2/27/2016 Sunset View Farms' Family Traditions Bull Sale Auburn, KY map
  2/27/2016 Hofmann Simmental Farms' "Buy Your Way" Bull Sale Clay Center, KS map
  2/27/2016 Minnesota State Simmental Sale Rochester , MN map
  2/27/2016 Mid-America Simmental Sale Springfield, IL map
  3/1/2016 Hill's Ranch Production Sale Stanford, MT map
  3/1/2016 Doll Simmental Ranch 36th Annual Production Sale Mandan, ND map
  3/2/2016 Janssen Farms "JF Scalebuster" Bull Sale Dunlap, IA map
  3/4/2016 Eichacker Simmentals' Annual Bull Sale Salem, SD map
  3/4/2016 Snake River Bull Test Sale Jerome, ID map
  3/5/2016 Trinity Farms' Generations of Excellence Sale Ellensburg, WA map
  3/5/2016 RS&T Simmentals, LLC Bull Sale Savannah, MO map
  3/5/2016 Kentucky Beef Expo Simmental Sale Louisville, KY map
  3/5/2016 Flying H Genetics 'Roughage N' Ready' Bull Sale Arapahoe, NE map
  3/7/2016 Keller Broken Heart Ranch Annual Production Sale Mandan, ND map
  3/11/2016 74-51 Cattle Company's Red Dirt Bull Sale Marshall, OK map
  3/12/2016 Carcass Performance Partners 13th Annual Bull Sale Lucedale, MS map
  3/12/2016 Tennessee Beef Agribition Lebanon, TN map
  3/12/2016 Great Lakes Beef Connection Bull Sale Clare, MI map
  3/13/2016 Wisconsin Simmental Association's Spring Spectacular Sale Lancaster, WI map
  3/14/2016 Hudson Pines-Hayes Ranch Genetic Legacy Bull Sale Billings, MT map
  3/15/2016 Open Gate Ranch Sale Simms, MT map
  3/18/2016 Sunflower Genetics' Annual Sale Maple Hill, KS map
  3/18/2016 3C Christensen Ranch and NLC Simmental Ranch Annual Production Sale Wessington, SD map
  3/18/2016 Gengenbach Cattle Co.'s 8th Annual Production Sale Imperial, NE map
  3/19/2016 Red Hill Farms' "More Than a Bull XI", Bull and Female Sale Lafayette, TN map
  3/19/2016 Ohio Beef Expo/Eastern Spring Classic Sale Columbus, OH map
  3/19/2016 Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch's 24th Anniversary Annual Bull and Heifer Sale Fort Collins, CO map
  3/19/2016 Michigan Bull Test Sale Crystal, MI map
  3/19/2016 Flying H Genetics 'Grown On Grass' Bull Sale Butler, MO map
  3/21/2016 Bridle Bit Simmentals 3rd Annual All Terrain Bull Sale Springfield, CO map
  3/23/2016 Premium Sourced Cattle 4th Annual Bull and Female Sale Eckley, CO map
  3/26/2016 T Heart Ranch High Altitude Bull Sale La Garita, CO map
  3/26/2016 Dickinson Simmental and Angus Ranch 43rd Annual Production Sale Gorham, KS map
  3/26/2016 Vertical Edge Genetics "Bulls In Bancroft Production Sale" Bancroft, ID map
  3/26/2016 Wildberry Farms Bull and Bred Heifer Sale Hanover, IL map
  3/26/2016 Spring into Excellence Simmental Sale Pennsylvania Furnace, PA map
  3/26/2016 Professional Beef Genetics Open House Bull Sale Clinton, MO map
  4/2/2016 The Gathering at Shoal Creek Excelsior Springs, MO map
  4/2/2016 Bulls of the Bluegrass Mt. Sterling, KY map
  4/2/2016 McDonald Farms' 13th Annual "Pick of the Pen" Bull Sale Blacksburg, VA map
  4/2/2016 Michigan Beef Expo East Lansing, MI map
  4/9/2016 Brant Farms Genetic Balance Sale Hinckley, MN map
  4/9/2016 New Day Genetics' Spring Sale Osceola, Missouri map
  4/16/2016 Nelson Livestock Company Production Sale Wibaux, MT map
  4/23/2016 Sunset View Farms' Family Traditions Female Sale Auburn, KY map
  5/6/2016 Southern New England Simmental Association's Annual Sale Springfield, MA map
  5/7/2016 Stars and Stripes Sale Gettysburg, PA map