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Which Simmental Genetics are Right For You?

One of the Simmental breed's biggest advantages is it's adaptability. Breeders around the world have created animals that uniquely suit their environment or purpose. From the heat-tolerance of Simbrahs, the superior milk production of Fullbloods, the exceptional beef production of SimAngus, to the heterosis boost of SimGenetics the Simmental influence generates value at all levels of production.

 SimGenetics - Simmental brings exceptional profitability and maternal genetics to the table backed by extensive data and research.
 SimAngus - SimAngus not only results in a high level of heterosis, but also capitalizes on both Simmental & Angus' exceptional profitability traits.
 Simbrah - The tender option for heat adapted genetics, Simbrah maximizes hybrid vigor. Their maternal reputation along with exceptional tenderness and carcass traits position Simbrah as "The World's Breed".
 Fullblood - Marked by proven genetics more than a century old, Fullbloods are balanced, productive and highly efficient cattle, suitable for production systems around the world.









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