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Now is a great time to collect feet/leg scores on your yearling bulls!


Percentile tables and breed averages
Trying to find percentile tables or breed averages during this bull sale season?
These are readily available to the public on Herdbook Services or you can find the link here.
You can click the "% and EPD Avrgs" text under the Data Search tab to see the percentile tables. Separate tables are available for purebred Simmental, hybrids (largely SimAngusTM), Simbrah, and Fullbloods. The breed average is easily found at the bottom of each table (or the 50% row).


Industry Webinars 

Application of Advanced Genetic Technology in Beef Cattle Webinar
February 25-26, 2021
Bob Weaber and Matt Spangler, nationally recognized beef cattle genetics experts, will lead the Zoom webinar during our Application of Advanced Genetic Technology in Beef Cattle event February 25-26.
Have you ever become frustrated with the constant amount of new genetic information in the industry? This lectureship will help you decipher the new technology that is available to help you better utilize genetic information to reach your ranch’s goals. We’ll develop breeding objectives, decipher performance measures and EPD’s, discuss multiple trait selection, and more. Click below to learn more and register today. 

Fixed Timed Artificial Insemination: Optimizing Hormone Response for Improved Fertility- Webinar with Dr. Alvaro Garcia Guerra

Ohio State University
Wednesday, March 10th
at 3:00 P.M. CT

Approved for 1 C.E. credit by AAVSB

Registration Link
Dr. Alvaro Garcia Guerra from Ohio State University will be joining us to discuss the basic concepts of the most common fixed-time AI programs in beef cattle and present results from recent research focused on optimizing the hormonal response to each treatment as a means to improve synchronization, and ultimately, fertility in both heifers and cows.

Industry News

Modern Seedstock Marketing Must be Better

February 14, 2021 Industry News ASA
By Lane Giess | If we take a trip down memory lane, we can remember a day when marketing seedstock could be described as simple compared to today. We would mail a sale catalog with the date and time of our auction, inside would have general information about…

Nobody Shares Like IGS

February 12, 2021 Industry News ASA
Through pooling information, the International Genetic Solutions offers better selection tools to seedstock breeders and the beef industry. By Jackie Atkins, Ph.D Early in life, we are taught to share. Share with our siblings, share with our classmates, share…

ASA Spotlight

Simmental Genetics Built to Last

February 12, 2021 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Emme Demmendaal | Lanting Enterprises strategically selects top Simmental and SimAngus™ genetics for their commercial buyers. Seedstock operations that pay…

A Conversation with Cara Smith

February 05, 2021 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Emme Demmendaal | A Little About Smith: Fourth-generation cattle rancher Cara Smith grew up on her family’s cattle operation, where she currently lives and…

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Back to Basics

Naming an Animal

January 09, 2021 Back to Basics ASA
The processing team has noticed an increase in the frequency of questions on how to name your animals. Below are guidelines to help. An Animal Name: ■ May be up to 30 characters, including spaces, prefixes, dashes, or slashes. ■ In addition to letters or numbers, the following characters are eligible for use: & / - _ `. ■ Only the applicant’s approved…

Down to the Genes Series

Why an Animal May Not Have GE (Genomically Enhanced) EPDs

January 29, 2021 DNA
Heading into the new year and the start of bull sale preparation, one of the DNA Department’s most frequently asked questions is why an animal doesn’t have GE (genomically-enhanced) EPDs after completing a genomic test. This article explores the general process and common reasons why GE may not appear on an animal’s record in Herdbook. The Process After an animal is tested on a genomic panel…

Women of ASA


IGS and the Pursuit of Better Cattle


I G S      S T A N D      T O G E T H E R

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) continues to reshape the cattle industry. Beef industry leaders from across the nation share how IGS benefits cattlemen and women, and how it will continue to evolve through the power of collaboration. Visit to learn more. 


The world's largest multi-breed beef cattle evaluation partners with the industry's leading genomics company. Here's what it means for ranchers.IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM - Marketing Backed by Genetics.


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