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The ASA Board of Trustees and Staff invite you to join the January committee, board, and annual meetings.  All are virtual meetings - registration required for each meeting that you would like to attend. Registration links are available below.

Committee Meetings.  January 18 - 22.  All meetings start at 7:00 am Mountain except for Simbrah.


ASA Board Meeting. January 28 - 29.  Starting at 7:00 am Mountain each day. Registration links will be available here.

Annual Meeting / Golden Book Award Recognition. January 29.  Starting at 6:00 pm Mountain.


Stand Stong La Muneca Cattle Co., TX

Carlos Guerra’s great grandmother came to the United States in the 1870s, in search of a better life and a place to raise her family. She registered what would become the family’s brand in 1873 and, 147 years later, Simbrah cattle at La Muneca Cattle Co. continue to thrive. In this segment, Carlos.

Industry News

Beefing up dairy cattle with beef genetics: Dairy Industry Enters New Era of Value-added Feeder Cattle

January 15, 2021 Industry News ASA
Dr. Bob Hough and Frank Padilla, WLJ correspondents No matter how you look at it, the dairy industry has been a tough business to be a part of with razor-thin margins—and that is when dairies have been able to sell their milk at a profit at all. This has led…

Maximum Carcass Knowledge - Leverage CMP and CXP in Customers' Herds

January 09, 2021 Industry News ASA
By Lane Giess, Director of Commercial & Nontraditional Data Programs We get it, your bull buyers are the reason for your success. They’ve bought into your breeding program and trust that your genetics are going to help make them more profitable cattle…

ASA Spotlight

Day by Day, Year by Year

January 17, 2021 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Lilly Platts Justin and Jade Herl started Diamond H Ranch with 25 females, and through smart, steady management, have built a successful seedstock business.…

Celebrating 30 Years of Perseverance and Publication

November 25, 2020 ASA Spotlight ASA
By Lilly Platts | The in-house production of the Register celebrates a 30-year anniversary and magazine redesign with three original staffers. Cynthia Conner,…

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Back to Basics

Naming an Animal

January 09, 2021 Back to Basics ASA
The processing team has noticed an increase in the frequency of questions on how to name your animals. Below are guidelines to help. An Animal Name: ■ May be up to 30 characters, including spaces, prefixes, dashes, or slashes. ■ In addition to letters or numbers, the following characters are eligible for use: & / - _ `. ■ Only the applicant’s approved…

Down to the Genes Series

Top Tips for Easy, Efficient DNA Testing

October 31, 2020 DNA
As we head into fall, weaning, and long days working cattle, ASA’s DNA department wants to share some of our top tips for easy, efficient DNA testing. Preparation is key, and we want our membership to have the tools to successfully test animals and take advantage of DNA technology. ➔ The most straightforward, error-free way to order DNA testing is to go to, click on DNA Testing,…

Women of ASA


IGS and the Pursuit of Better Cattle


I G S      S T A N D      T O G E T H E R

International Genetic Solutions (IGS) continues to reshape the cattle industry. Beef industry leaders from across the nation share how IGS benefits cattlemen and women, and how it will continue to evolve through the power of collaboration. Visit to learn more. 


The world's largest multi-breed beef cattle evaluation partners with the industry's leading genomics company. Here's what it means for ranchers.IGS Feeder Profit CalculatorTM - Marketing Backed by Genetics.


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